#RAccess: Bentley Launches ‘Extraordinary Journeys’ A Series of Curated Global Travel Experiences


Starting in April 2023, Bentley Motors will present a meticulously selected “Extraordinary Journeys” global itinerary. This exceptional travel program is intended to allow participants to embark on unique road trips, offering exceptional access to the finest local cuisine, design, architecture, and wellness, coupled with unforgettable driving experiences through breathtaking landscapes. These once-in-a-lifetime adventures will be exclusively curated for discerning travelers.

Caren Jochner, Global Head of Brand Experience at Bentley Motors, said, “We want to share with our customers and fans an extraordinary journey of discovery offering access to usually private and exclusive experiences that only Bentley can provide. We have worked closely with globally like-minded partners that share our passion for excellence whether it be in the field of cuisine, design, architecture, or wellness – all with sustainability at heart. This, coupled with our carefully curated driving experiences provides something truly unique – an Extraordinary Journey and once in a lifetime experience that offers the opportunity to connect you with like-minded souls – an experience money alone can’t buy.”


Five inspiring days. Four luxurious nights. One Extraordinary Journey.

Source: Bentley Motors

The Scandinavian “Extraordinary Journey” is an exquisite travel experience priced at £19,950 per person, based on double occupancy. The tour takes place from August 28th to September 1st or from September 18th to 22nd. This journey allows guests to indulge in the aesthetic wonders of Copenhagen, Denmark, which will celebrate its status as the World Capital of Architecture in 2023. The itinerary includes private dining, wellness experiences, exclusive access to the BIG architecture and design studio, and a delightful stay at one of the finest design hotels in the area.

After exploring the picturesque Nordic countryside on small country roads, guests will enjoy an unforgettable dining experience on the edge of Lake Vättern in southern Sweden. This will be followed by a stay at the luxurious Forest Hotel, a five-star accommodation nestled in the pristine Swedish woodland. This hotel boasts lavish treehouse suites, exceptional wellness experiences, and cuisine created by a chef specializing in sustainable Nordic fare.


Four immersive days. Three memorable nights. One Extraordinary Journey.

Source: Bentley Motors

Those who participate in the New Mexico program (priced at $19,950, or approximately £16,000 per person) from May 11th to 14th will have the opportunity to experience indigenous art and culture and drive through the stupendous vistas of the Southwest. Along the way, guests will be treated to privately curated dinners, expert-led tastings of local spirits, and other unique experiences. Additionally, a journey through Oman’s wind-blown deserts, imposing mountain ranges, and sparsely visited coastlines is currently being planned.

source: Bentley Motors