15 Houses From Airbnb’s OMG! Category That Will Literally Make You Go OMGod

Why settle for the ordinary when you can go for the extraordinary?

It’s time we go into a new Airbnb booking attitude by clicking their “OMG!” category. The popular site for vacation home rentals welcomes globetrotters with an appetite for one-of-a-kind stays to book mind-blowing houses with unusual slash unparalleled designs and great locations. Some even come with remarkable histories that will make your jaw drop. 

–Featured Image Credit: The Kellogg Doolittle House via Airbnb/shorturl.at/EJQ57–

The Kellogg Doolittle House – Joshua Tree, California, USA

The Arctic Hideaway – Gildeskål, Nordland, Norway

Glass Cottage – Hella, Iceland 

Floating Glass Room – Jokkmokk, Norrbottens län, Sweden 

True Cold War Relic Atlas F Missile Silo/Bunker –  Roswell, New Mexico, USA

Hotel de Cielo – Tupungato, Mendoza, Argentina 

Traditional Navajo Home – Monument Valley, Utah, USA

Bonita Domes – Joshua Tree, California, USA

UFO ‘Futuro Styled Flying Saucer’ – Redberth, UK

The Birdbox – Gaular, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway 

Invisible House Joshua Tree – Joshua Tree, California, USA

Habitat Almagruz Troglodyte – Purullena, Andalucía, Spain

The Bloomhouse by Lodgewell – Austin, Texas, USA

Tiki Suites – Key West, Florida, United States 

Charming Dovecote Turned Cottage  – Offranville, Normandie, France