#RadarReview: Koh Phangan’s Inaugural Michelin Green Star Dinner

Despite being marked on the calendar as the monsoon season, the azure waves of Koh Phangan were waltzing with sunlight while its lush mountains were kissed by a crisp breeze on October 27th. It seemed as though the weather happily conspired with Explorar Koh Phangan to graciously welcome the island’s inaugural Michelin Green Star dinner.

Explorar aimed to showcase the Michelin Green Star, an annual award from the Michelin Guide bestowed upon restaurants with sustainability practices at their core. Their goal also extended to celebrate the pristine produce sourced from within Koh Phangan, emphasising their commitment to both the environment and culinary excellence.

The dinner event, titled “Gastronomic Series Vol 5 | Essence of Phangan: Michelin Green Star,” showcased the culinary expertise of Michelin Green Star Chef Benoit Witz, Chef Patrick Périé, and Raphael Kinimo – the Culinary Director of Explorar.

We had the pleasure of attending the event and savouring the island’s flavours crafted by these three culinary maestros.

The 6-course beach dinner was illuminated by moonlight and candles, with the crashing waves serving as a perfect backdrop. Grammy-nominated pianist QURA and DJ Dalah also added a melodious touch to the night as guests cheerfully chatted away and enjoyed each other’s company.

Each dish was a beautifully composed symphony, with the ingredients of Koh Phangan playing the role of the main instruments. Here’s our recap of the delectable night in the form of a video to best showcase it for you.

Last but certainly not least, while many recognise this gem on the Gulf of Thailand as a party island renowned for its monthly beach revel, the Full Moon Party, we are here to assure you that the island offers far more than neon-bodied and fire show festivities.

The Michelin Green Star spectacular at Explorar Koh Phangan serves as a perfect example of the island’s extensive offerings, extending beyond its wild party scene. On that note, stay tuned for Explorar Koh Phangan’s upcoming event for its Astronomic Series.

Explorar Koh Phangan: https://www.explorarhotels.com/koh-phangan/ 

[All images  courtesy of Explorar Koh Phangan]