Radar Review: IWA 5 Assemblage 4

Created in 2019 by the former Chef de Cave of Dom Perignon, Richard Geoffroy, the 4 th
Assemblage of IWA 5 was recently released on the Singapore market.
The sake has been produced at Shiraiwa the permanent home of IWA 5. Shiraiwa, meaning
white rock, is located below the foothills of Tateyama in the Toyoma Prefecture (a five hour
drive from Tokyo).

Photo Credit: Konstantino Blokbergen 

Designed by renowned architect Kengo Kuma, this state-of-the-art brewery
is home to each assemblage that Richard Geoffroy produces. The sake is achieved by
blending three different rice varieties (Yamada Nishiki, Gohyakumangoku and Omachi) and
five classes of yeast.
Why IWA 5? Iwa means rock, and 5 represents the universal number of balance and harmony.
A symbol of union and quintessence – which is what this sake aims to be.

Tasting Notes
Enjoy peach, hazelnut and floral aromas with elegant viscosity and layered depth. Rounded
and lush on the palate, the finish was clean and elegant and made for an easy sip. The
Assemblage 4, paired well with our Chinese meal, it went extremely well with dumplings in
chilli oil.

Do feel free to enjoy the sake now but it is the intention of Richard that the sake can be aged,
and that evolution and refinement will take place in the bottle.

The team at IWA 5 is still determining the exact peak aging period and anticipating the sake’s ongoing transformation. A recent tasting of the 4 assemblages allowed IWA 5’s customers a chance to experience the evolution of time, so feel free to keep some bottles in your cellar.
Assemblage 4 is aged for 18 months before release.

Photo Credit: Konstantino Blokbergen 

With its slick matt black bottle designed by Australian industrial designer Marc Newson and
stylish logo created by Japanese graphic designer Hidekei Nakajima and calligrapher Mariko
Kinoshita – IWA 5 has become a common sight on the dining table.