Must-Follow Landscape And Garden Designers On Our #RadarList

Having a well-tended, beautiful garden is like transporting the Gardens of Versailles to your back or frontyard. 

It brings a sense of zen and serenity to your abode. Unlike luxury furniture or decor, the green grass, the trees budding with lush leaves and the kaleidoscopic array of flower blooms always emanate effortless elegance and charm that never fail to soothe a soul. 

Landscape and garden designers, like craftsmen, create beauty using natural elements gifted by mother earth. Dirt and lawn are their canvas, while plants and flowers are their paints. 

Here are some of the very talented landscape and garden designers whose work has inspired us to master the art of landscaping.

–Featured Image Credit: Carlita Benazito via Unsplash –

Xenia Eremenko

Lanscape designer, Xenia Eremenko, from Moscow will stun you with her beautiful landscape design sketches. Her work will give you insights into the design process of a landscape architect. 

Paul Bangay 

The Instagram feed of Paul Bangay alone is an oasis of landscape design inspos. Once you look into the famed Australia-based landscaper’s project portfolio of over 25 years, you’ll see it is just beyond impressive. 

Nick Bailey 

Let the UK garden designers/plantsman/author, Nick Bailey, brings a bouquet of colours into your Instagram feed with his vibrant photographs of a variety of blooms. 

For die-hard gardening fans, chances are you’ve seen him as a TV presenter on BBC Gardeners’ World or read his books on how to plant, design and care for your garden. Apart from that, Nick also offers horticultural consultancy and live talks/webinars on garden 101. 

Myles Baldwin

Broaden your landscape design knowledge through the impressive projects of the Australian landscape architect and horticulturalist, Myles Baldwin. His design aesthetic is a definition of timeless beauty and grace.