#OnTheRadar: Underwater Wine Is The New Pearl Of The Ocean

Photo credit: Edivo Vina

In the 21st Century where space travel and a wearable computer “Google Glass” are a thing, the process of winemaking also got a newfangled upgrade with the new technique of underwater wine ageing. 

Like many great creations, underwater wine ageing starts from a disheartening accident. With the discovery of fine champagne found in a decades-old shipwreck in the Baltic Sea, experts found the wine to be in great condition and had greater tastes and aromas than wine aged in the cellar or underground. 

Many of Europe’s wineries also believe the depth of the sea deliciously adds a depth of flavours to their wine as the water pressure and stable temperature in the seabed which is deemed to be the perfect condition for wine ageing convey better-tasting, balanced flavours and fuller body. 

Here’s our list of wineries that offer opulent underwater wine just in case you’re looking for the next bottle of opulence to add to your wine cellar.

Edivo Vina

Edivo Vina located in Pelješac peninsula, Croatia offers a unique vino experience to wine connoisseurs, which differ from its neighbour on-land wineries in which the area is known for. 

Edivo kicked off their underwater business around 2011 when they started submerging wine bottles and amphorae on the old sunken fishing boat 18-25 meters under the Adriatic Sea and let them mature for over 700 days. That’s when their masterpiece Navis Mysterium or The Sea Mystery was born. One thing you shouldn’t miss out on when in Croatia is Endivo’s scuba-diving winery tour, something to add to your #RadarList.

Crusoe Treasure Winery

Crusoe Treasure Winery is believed to be the world’s first underwater winery. One thing for certain is that it’s arguably the biggest undersea cellar in Spain. Situated in Plentzia Bay, the Crusoe Treasure really got down underwater wine ageing to science through over 10 years of in-depth research. Each bottle is submerged 20-metre in the Atlantic Ocean which results in a balanced body, good acidity and fruity, deep aromas. Here’s an ocean treasure waiting to be found and tasted.

ElixSea Wines

Started by a couple team, Gergo and Mariona with a diving instructing background, the two ocean worshippers started the underwater winery with sustainability at its core in Costa Brava, Spain. Apart from bringing about the best flavours from the wine, their other purpose from ageing the wine underwater is to create eco-friendly artificial reefs for marine life.

Attis Bodegas Y Viñedos

Aside from their wonderful range of wine aged in the traditional wine cellar, Attis Bodegas Y Viñedos from Pontevedra, Spain also offers underwater vino aged 12 metres under the sea for over 6 months until the land’s gems become the sea pearls.