#RadarList: These Hong Kong Cake Shops Offer A Slice Of Sugary Heaven

Photo credit: Butter Cake Shop Hong Kong

If cakes are your happiness, then these Hong Kong cake shops will make your heart explode with joy. 

From classic cakes to cupcakes and cakesicles, these sugar-fueled shops offer all forms of cakes that your inner sugar monster could possibly crave. 

Butter Cake Shop 

When it comes to Hong Kong’s dessert scene, the first place that often pops up in one’s mind is Butter, an all-red-and-white cake shop in the heart of SoHo. There, you’ll be greeted with a captivating cake-scape where you will want to splurge your money. Our favourite picks here are the rainbow-coloured Confetti Cake and the vicious Triple Chocolate Cake (cause double just won’t do it anymore). For dog lovers, Butter also offers Doggie Cake, a dog-friendly and sugar-free treat that will make your four-legged buddy fur-ever adore you.  

Vive Cake Boutique 

Some spend their time and money at fashion boutiques. This cake boutique is for those who prefer to indulge in sweetness instead. Situated right within the Central District, Vive Cake Boutique by Vivien Lau offers all types of cakes customized and decorated to your liking – unicorn, mermaid and durian-shaped cakes, to name a few. However, the venue’s highlight is their marzipan work, which takes cake decoration to a whole other level. 

Sift Desserts

If you like to eat first with your eyes, contemporary patisserie Sift Desserts is your spot. It churns out an array of eye-pleasing, wow-worthy cakes that would make anyone’s day. Not only do their cakes look delightful, they are also delicious. Their cake popsicle in the shape of ice cream is definitely a must-try, especially when you fancy something a little different from your regular, round, buttercream-frosted cakes.