Sip Happens: Sundowner Spots in Praiano To Have On Your Radar

Anchored between the two most-visited Amalfi Coast towns of Positano and Amalfi, Praiano is an underrated, sweet little seafront gem. The town boasts beautiful beaches and an array of eateries packed with a boatful of delicious offerings. 

For avid drinkers/opacarophiles, who are hunting for the best restaurants and bars for sundowners and sunsets in Praiano, here’s our list of places we checked out during our time there and had a wonderful time.

– Cover image credit: Ristorante La Dolce Vista / Hotel Smeraldo Praiano –

Bar del Sole

Bar del Sole is a gathering spot well-loved by locals and tourists alike. The streetside venue situated in the heart of town overlooks the Church of Saint Januarius (Parrocchia Di San Gennaro) and the glistening blue sea. Not only does the restaurant offer great views, but it also busts out tasty Italian pastries and caffeinated drinks during breakfast hours and aperitivi from early evening to midnight.

Il Pirata 

We visited Il Pirata on the autumn afternoon when the wind was crisp and the sun was hot. The seafront restaurant/bar/beach club was the perfect escape from the blazing hot sun and we quickly quenched our thirst with their refreshing concocted drinks paired with simple yet scrumptious Italian appetizers. Here’s a perfect spot to enjoy traditional Mediterranean fare in between taking a dip into the azure water. Come sunset o’clock, Il Pirata also serves as a romance-inducing spot with a great sunset scape and a slew of sundowners to choose from. Lovebirds will also appreciate the Dream Table set above the water for a no-fail date night plan.

Ristorante La Dolce Vista

While in Praiano, live la dolce vita the right and delicious way at Ristorante La Dolce Vista nestled within Hotel Smeraldo. We visited the venue during the golden hour and decided to pair the stunning 180-degree vista of the Gulf of Salerno with a chilled glass of bellini and Aperol spritz, followed by a hearty lasagna and ooey-gooey, cheese-laden risotto. 

To complete the whole experience, we capped off the night with a pillowy tiramisu and a shot of limoncello – because hey, when in Amalfi Coast, you have to do it like the Amalfians. 

Lido One Fire Beach

You haven’t made it to Praiano without taking part in the seaside revel at Lido One Fire Beach. Hike down to Spiaggia della Gavitella (Gavitella Beach) and once a seaside space dotted with bright orange parasols looms into view, get ready to be greeted by the uproar of upbeat tunes combined with the splashing sounds of the waves hitting the shore. Dance or swim until you drop and whether or not you stay until sundown o’clock, we recommend not to miss out on their daily Melon Time at 4:30 pm, which is a melon-surrounding dance (think a campfire dance spirit) followed by melon cutting and sharing session.

Café Mirante

A true hidden gem of Amalfi Coast, Café Mirante is a must-visit, cocktail-fueled destination, if what you are after is a less touristy spot with a terrific seascape and tipples. Nestled just above the Spiaggia della Gavitella, the bar offers a glimpse of Positano from afar and an intimate space for quality time with your loved ones.