#StyleRadar: Amazing Costumes From The Carnival Of Venice 2022

Photo credit: Mohd Alkharji via Unsplash 

Lavish costumes, vivid masquerade masks and tales of mysteries and suspense oozed out of the Venetian gowns and capes, all paraded through the picturesque canals of Venice – what’s not to love about The Carnival Of Venice? 

Dubbed as one of the world’s most stirring and stunning carnivals, The Carnival Of Venice, or Carnevale di Venezia, is an annual event that has been around for centuries. The carnival is believed to have taken place for the first time in 1162 as part of the Venetian Republic’s celebration of its victory over the Patriarchate of Aquileia. The carnival went on to become a renowned event in the 17th and 18th centuries but then it was banned in 1797 under the rule of the Holy Roman Emperor. Since its comeback in 1979 (something is meant to stay), it has regained its popularity and today, millions of visitors travel to join every year. Here’s an event not to be missed by those who cherish thrills and traditions. 

Held this year from February 12 to March 1, the Carnival of Venice was anything but dull or out-of-style. Here’s our gallery of some of the best costumes from Carnevale di Venezia to have on your radar in case you are visiting next year. 

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