These 4 Wellness Destinations In The Philippines Offer Zen And Healthy Stay

With the Philippines easing up their travel restriction recently, globetrotters are blessed with another great location to visit this year. 

For anyone who longs for a vacation to reconnect with themselves and regain their physical/mental strength, these wellness destinations in the Philippines should definitely be on your radar. 

–Featured Image Credit: Amanpulo–

The Farm at San Benito 

For those who are feeling frazzled, how about an escape into the jungle in Lipa, Batangas, Philippines? Here is a not-so-typical jungle getaway that comes with some of the country’s best holistic medical treatments and luxurious accommodations in the form of an eco-luxury holistic resort. Surrounded by lush greens and hugged by mountains, The Farm at San Benito provides guests in-house wellness experts (doctors, therapists, nutritionists, yoga and gym instructors), as well as chefs with a knack for plant-based cooking. Room types span from suites to villas, while the options for wellness treatments include Health Optimization Programs, Executive Health Programs and Aesthetic Programs. 


Nestled in Palawan, Philippines, Amanpulo offers a remedy for stress and anxiety to those who want to reconnect with their inner beings. Anyone who is familiar with the brand knows that Aman is top-notch when it comes to stellar designs, locations and superb service. Add an excellent wellness program that incorporates the Philippines’ traditional therapies and there will be plenty of reasons why you should visit this place. 

Badian Island Wellness Resort

Situated on Zaragosa Island in Cebu, Badian Island Wellness Resort is a key to a mindful and health-forward vacation. Wellness program here features seaside spa treatments and a Thalasso Pool, with ionised seawater that is not only instagrammable, but also comes with health benefits. 

Atmosphere Resorts & Spa

Nestled in an old coconut plantation in Negros Oriental, Atmosphere Resorts & Spa is a boutique resort with an array of room types, outdoor activities and wellness programs that will cater to everyone’s preference. There, guests can relax at The Sanctuary Spa, join yoga classes, and take part in adventurous mountain biking trips and scuba diving sessions. Detox programs are also available for those who want to get into some serious cleansing.