18 Chiang Mai Cafes And Bakeries On The Radar

Yes, happiness can be bought! And for us cafe hoppers, this comes in the form of expertly brewed coffee and freshly baked cakes, served in universally loved cafes and bakeries.

The nooks and crannies of almost every city in Thailand are now laced with cafes and bakeries, each with its own unique theme and specialty. 

The northern city of Chiang Mai alone offers a slew of venues that are currently fueling locals and visitors alike with caffeinated liquid happiness crafted from locally grown & roasted beans and tea leaves, as well as butter-enriched baked goods that we can’t get enough of. Here are a few on our #RadarList. 

– Cover image credit: Early Owls –

Koff & Things

The Japanese-style cafe, Koff & Things, is an oasis of calm, caffeine, and confections. 

Early Owls

For early risers, give your morning a refreshing lift at Early Owls. The cafe hugged by lush greens gives off a warm, woodland home vibe and offers a breath of fresh air and a well-made java to start your day on the right note. 


This stylishly designed cafe is a haven for ardent coffee drinkers and dessert devotees thanks to its extensive selection of coffee and cakes. Another plus? Everything about the cafe is highly instagrammable. 


For coffee enthusiasts, Path is your path to caffeinated joy and happiness. The cafe’s dreamy, minimalist design and its repertoire of exquisite sweets made from scratch are the major reasons why this cafe is well-loved by both locals and visitors alike. 

12 Feb Homey Café

12 Feb Homey Café offers quality coffee drinks you can depend on and an interior design you can take delight in. For those seeking sophisticated simplicity, this is the place for you. 

GRAPH contemporary

GRAPH contemporary serves up great coffee for the mind and chic interior for the eyes. 

Ohu Bakery 

The expertly-crafted baked goods over at the Korean-French bakery, Ohu, will have all you sweet-toothed cafe hoppers go ooh and ahh with excitement. Pair your pick with a cup of Joe to elevate the whole pastry experience. 

The Moon Cafe & Eatery

The Moon Cafe & Eatery will make you feel over the moon with its range of hearty and health-forward dishes, house-made bread and desserts that will make your coffee sesh all the more satisfying.

Brewginning Coffee

Begin your day at this blogger-favourite coffee haunt, Brewginning coffee. Here’s a place to enjoy a cup of joe, whilst appreciating its unique industrial-rustic setting set right by the street corner. 

Forest Bake

Hard-core cake eaters and cafe hoppers will not want to miss checking out this place. Forest Bake is a dessert-fueled venue that offers a parade of over 30 items of cakes, as well as coffee and savoury dishes, to make sure you will be sugar high and satisfied every time you visit. 

Yesterday Cafe’

Because every day counts, so make sure you start your morning off with a good cup of coffee. Stop by Yesterday Cafe’ for a warm cup of joy. 


If what you love in a cafe is a minimalist design, hop over to glin.cafe for its all-white, minimal ambience that is brightened and sweetened with a variety of beverages and baked goods. 

KLĀY cafe

Everything about KLĀY cafe just screams brunch. The cafe’s green, sun-lit space is inviting and its menu is packed with breakfast and brunch items. 

Ironwood Mae Rim

Here’s a place to relax and relish a cup of coffee and a good spread of drool-inducing Thai dishes and cakes. Guests can choose to unwind under the tree shade at the cafe’s alfresco area or stay in the main building to enjoy the vintage dining room decked out with antiques.  

Helo Cola

Small in size but big in flavours, Helo Cola churns out their house-made cola, along with other craft sodas that are all made with natural ingredients, free of preservatives and artificial colours.

Tiger Mother’s 

Tiger Mother’s is a taiyaki-focused cafe with a medley of fillings for visitors to choose from. Creatively concocted coffee drinks are also available to pair with your choice of taiyaki. Interior-wise, the venue boasts a distinctive industrial loft design that draws in instagrammers and bloggers, as well as ardent Japanese dessert fans. 

Ponganes Coffee Roasters

A serious coffee house for serious coffee drinkers. Ponganes Coffee Roasters offers coffee crafted from small-batched, fresh, daily-roasted beans in which they sourced from different countries. 

Transit Number 8

When talking about Instagrammable cafes in Chiang Mai, Transit Number 8 is no stranger to the list. The venue features Instagram-worthy spots in almost every nook and cranny of its space and an array of sip-worthy drinks you don’t want to miss out on.