Cold Shower Therapy: The Answer to Elevate Your Energy

Are you constantly feeling tired and low on energy? Are you dreading work and deadlines? A cold shower might be the answer you are looking for to uplift your mood, elevate depression, and energizes you throughout the day, lovingly perfect for your work from home routine.

For the longest time, I never knew that the temperature of the water can have such a tremendous influence on my mood. Imagine, waking up feeling unrefreshed, tired, lack the motivation, and even dread going to work.

While the thought of being under cold shower first thing in the morning is equally dreading and honestly scary, many types of research are now supporting small amounts of a cold shower to a healthier, balanced body, mind & spirit.

So I say, ‘Cold shower first, coffee later.’

According Wim Hof, founder of the Wim Hof Method, taking small amount of cold showers every day can help to reduce stress, boost your energy level, improve your concentration (such an important one!), increases white blood cells and also help with weight loss.

Wim Hof is dubbed as the ‘Ice Man,’ for a reason, breaking world’s records for doing outrageous things in the cold like swimming under ice and running a marathon in the snow. His true mission, however, is to invite you to improve your health and energy level everyday with cold shower therapy. Wim Hof Method and teaching have gone wide and far that even Jim Carrey, Tim Ferris, Harrison Ford amongst many others supports this revolution and applies the technique in their own life.

Now that you know some of the benefits, you might be wondering how to get started in a gentle way without the morning screams. I have been practicing cold shower therapy for over a year now and I’ve got your back!

To practice this in a gentle way, start by putting water in a warm temperature first then slowly turn it to a cold shower towards the end of your shower for 20 seconds and begin to build up to 1 minute to get the maximum benefits. 

Try this out, enjoy feeling fresh and motivated! Share your results with us.