These Eco-Conscious Sunglasses Will Be Your Best Buddies On Sunny Days

A pair of good sunglasses are staple accessories for those who enjoy basking in the sun.

Sunglasses play two roles: They complement your look and, more importantly, protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. 

There are countless terrific sunglasses labels out there to choose from and the brands that we have decided to zoom in on this list are those that offer sustainable-slash-stylish sunglasses, crafted from recycled and biodegradable materials without sacrificing the beauty factor. Here’s how you can manage to look chic whilst caring for Mother Earth and your peepers. 

–Featured Image Credit: Bonnie Clyde®–

Wear Panda 

Wearing Wear Panda’s shades is a perfect way to gift your eyes, the planet and the community in need. The brand is known for its bamboo sunglasses and watches that sets them apart from other brands, in terms of style and eco-friendly factors. Even better, a part of the profits goes to the public, for example, Wear Panda has helped providing over 27,000 pairs of glasses for those in need and helped supporting 16 labs and 116 optometry students in over 39 countries. 

Bonnie Clyde® 

If you and your shades are partners in crime like Bonnie and Clyde, then picking the right one that matches your groove is essential. Check out Bonnie Clyde® for their repertoire of sunglasses that comes in mega-stylish design and colours for you to choose from. The best part is all their sunglasses are crafted with cellulose acetate – a terrific plant-based polymer, which is non-toxic and biodegradable. 

Eco Eyewear 

Eco Eyewear knows how to fashion recycled, biobased materials and marine debris into stylish wearable arts. Through their collab with Trees for the Future, Eco Eyewear has been able to plant over 2.9 million trees so far with their “One-Frame-Sold-One-Tree-Planted” campaign. Points for style, checked. Points for sustainability, checked.

Blue Planet Eyewear 

All the pairs made at Blue Planet Eyewear are a marriage of recycled and natural materials (think beechwood, bamboo and zebrawood). Their manufacturing process ensures customers get high-quality products whilst also making sure there are less trash ending up at the landfills, by utilizing excess materials. In addition, the brand also applies the buy-one-get-one policy, where every sunglasses/reading glasses sold means a pair of glasses is donated to a person in need through the brand’s partnered organization.