Cool Tables: New Hong Kong Restaurants To Have On Your Radar

New, drool-worthy restaurants always get us excited like kids getting new toys. 

This month, Hong Kong’s dining scene is blossoming with new eateries. Another great news is that, on April 21, Hong Kong finally eased its COVID-19 restrictions. Restaurants can now stay open until 10 pm, with dining-in allowed for up to 4 people per table. 

Here are our picks of newly-opened restaurants to have on your #RadarList.

–Featured Image Credit: Chinesology–


Chinesology by Chef Saito Chau offers a spectrum of redefined Chinese dishes in an opulent dining room dominated by a dazzling gold, blue and green palette. Expect nothing short of extraordinary as seen through items like the crowd-like Caramelized Lotus Root Chips, Roasted Duck Puff, Preserved Plum Mousse and Cherry Dressing. 

Maison Meiji 

For a venue that will get all your dining needs met, head over to Maison Meiji. Here’s a three-concept venue that combines together Coffee + Tea Room, The Bistro (French-Japanese style dining room) and Kuromaru (Shochu cocktail lounge). Guests can expect Meiji period-inspired culinary heritage with French cuisine influences. Maison Meiji is where Japan’s glorious past meets modern flair and flavours. 

Bar Bleu 

A new seafood hub in town, Bar Bleu in Soho slings out succulent seafood dishes accompanied by an impressive list of champagne. Their seafood-fuelled brunch is made for seafood devotees, with dishes like Signature Oyster, Tuna Tartare, Norwegian Salmon, Fish Burger and Snow Crab. 

Sour Dough

Sourdough aficionados, you’re in for a real treat. The new artisan deli, Sour Dough, by the Swiss-born pastry chef Gérard Dubois is a hot spot in town for those who love naturally leavened bread, pastries and desserts. 

Mustard Bar & Grill 

As much as we love cool, new food concepts, what our inner foodies really crave for 5 out of 7 days is comforting classics. Mustard Bar & Grill seems to offer just that and more with their succulent steakhouse staples, along with concocted drinks to elevate the whole dining experience. The venue is also pet-friendly in case your four-legged buddies want to come out and enjoy the great outdoors, too.