Gift Guide For Her: Unique Presents For Your Favourite Women

Photo credit: Helle Mardahl

Let us tell you a little secret into having the best Christmas: keep your ladies happy. Whether it’s your wife, grandma, mom or girlfriend, they are the keys to a happy holiday season. Ask your dad or grandpa, they will say that’s God’s honest truth. For those who are looking for gift ideas for the woman you love, here we’ve picked some of our favourite items that have been on our radar. They are cool, thoughtful and useful – really, you just can’t go wrong.


After long days of work, attending meetings and going to events, there’s nothing a girl loves more at the end of the day than a comfy PJ’s. This Estella Pink PJ Top and Apollo Pink PJ Feather Trousers from the London-based womenswear brand, KITRI, will make a fun and fancy yet cozy present for your favourite lady.

Helle Mardahl

Sometimes what makes the drink fun is not the drink itself, but the glass that contains it. The Copenhagen-based coloured glass company, Helle Mardahl, offers a range of glass products. The apple of our eye is the Bon Bon Cocktail glasses with fun shapes and fun shades – think pink bubble gum and caramel apple colours. Not only does the cocktail glass make a great house for your favourite vino and concocted drink, it also makes a fun bowl for your ice cream and pudding, or any kind of dessert, really.


For #GirlBoss who’s always on the go or never seems to have enough time for breakfast, The CrunchCup (aka, cereal on the go cup) will keep your mind happy and your tummy full. And let’s admit it; nobody loves soggy cereal. The CrunchCup can keep the crunch effect of your favourite sugar-laden cereal by separating the milk in the outer cup and cereal in the inner cup and whenever you feel like eating, drink it like you would a normal cup and the two will come together in harmony at your lips, no spoon or bowl needed.

Stinky Candle Company

“I do not like fries,” said no girl ever. So for this holiday season, get your woman what she craves and deserves. The French Fries Candle from Stinky Candle Company. It’ll make every space she puts it smell irresistible and highly drool-inducing just like her favourite fast food chain. The brand also offers otherworldly and bizarre smells like Nacho Cheese, Bacon, Clean Puppy, Gasoline, Grandma’s Clean Floors and even The 2020 Candle (we find this one real interesting).

Food Huggers

For foodie ladies out there, Food Huggers will be your biggest hero in the kitchen. As we know it, avocado toast has skyrocketed to a number one breakfast dish in recent years, especially amongst healthy food-loving ladies. So how about giving your plump, creamy avocado a little more love and care with this Avocado Hugger. It’s a sure-fire way to prevent the other half of your avocado saved for the next meal from browning. Food Huggers also offers other cool slash cute products like Butter Hugger and Hugger Bag to help reduce plastic use in your kitchen and to make sure all your pristine ingredients are kept as fresh as possible.