#OneDressToImpress: A One-Month, One-Outfit Project That Aims To Impress And Provoke

Photo credit: Marina Testino

Serving us a look that is as eye-pleasing as it is eye-opening, fashion “artivist” Marina Testino is back again with the #OneDressToImpress project where she commits to wearing the same sleek purple suit for the entire month of September.

Following the success of her first #OneDressToImpress with a red suit back in 2018, the goal is to once again raise awareness around mindful consumerism, addressing the issues of overproduction and carbon footprint and calling fashion brands as well as consumers to attention to support climate justice and that “there is no need to treat consumers as the destination of a product but rather the essential medium for a real change.” Hence, the one-month, one-outfit project to showcase the versatility and endless uses of a single ensemble.

Photo credit: Marina Testino

Another message for this project also comes with a change of the shade, shifting from scarlet red to violet purple. This year’s colour also stands as a push towards gender equality, empowering women and promoting gender inclusive society.

“Did you know women hold approximately 70-80% of purchasing power within the fashion industry but only 14% of women have executive roles in major brands. Gender equality is a big issue in this industry from bottom all the way to the top,” said Marina in one of her Instagram captions.

Photo credit: Marina Testino

The suit with a powerful purple hue represents women’s equality. Weaving together with the fight for sustainability, the suit also features ethical materials like Pima Cotton from Supima, a U.S. non-profit organisation with a mission to make the world a softer – and more sustainable – place with one fibre at a time by supporting and advising local cotton growers on how to best practice their craft responsibly. Overall, here’s an attire that serves as a striking visual narrative to leave one pondering and reflecting on as simple an object as our everyday outfit.

Check out how she rocks the purple-forward look on her Instagram below and see how you too can be a change in the fashion industry.