#OnTheRadar: Here’s A Sneak Peek Inside PS, LAX’s VIP Terminal

Photo credit: PS LAX

For the regular first-class passengers of Los Angeles International Airport, it’s time to take your airport experience up a notch and enjoy VIP indulgence at PS, LAX’s exclusive terminal that welcomes bon vivants to rest in luxury before and after the flight. For those looking for ways to get away from the big crowds and long lines, then PS is your perfect getaway from chaos.

Photo credit: PS LAX

The private terminal is a luxurious shortcut to your plane. Here, PS offers 3 main services: Private Suite, PS Direct and The Salon, all come with five-starred hospitality and amenities. Not to mention the terminal also comes with its own private customs and immigration counters – it just can’t get any more VIP than this.

For hotel-like experience, opt for the Private Suite service, featuring a luxurious personal space, BMW ride with private chauffeur to and from the aircraft, spa services, specially curated meals and cocktails as well as valet parking and car wash for your own vehicle upon arrival to PS. Starting at $3,250 for a party of four, Private Suite is definitely perfect for family or a group of friends.

PS Direct also provides another exclusive service you should try. Get ready to be pampered and transported directly from the aircraft right to the doorstep of your home, with all your luggages being taken care of – ooh la la. A direct route to your LA destination with a price starting at $3,450.

For something a little less private but nevertheless VIP, The Salon lounge with price starting at $695, offers an escape from the jammy public terminals, and is perfect for guests who love privacy, luxury and a moment of solitude before the flight. The service also comes with special shuttle service from and to your plane as well as cocktails and nibbles.

So apart from private jet, here’s another option you should consider to complete your VIP travel experience. PS will undoubtedly reinterpret your trip to and at the airport, making flying more enjoyable than ever for discerning fliers.

For more information, click https://reserveps.com/