Neighbourhood On The Radar: These 8 Spots In Gamla Stan Serve Up Old-Town Deliciousness

Time travel is possible – and delicious – at Gamla Stan (meaning “old town” in Swedish). The old district of Stockholm is home to Sweden’s historical establishments, like the Storkyrkan (Stockholm Cathedral), the Royal Palace, The Nobel Prize Museum, as well as a swarm of 16th-17th century buildings that ooze Nordic Renaissance charm. The age-old buildings have now gotten delicious makeovers. They have become home to restaurants, bars and cafes with drool-inducing concepts, whilst their exteriors remain as they were hundreds of years ago. Here are some of the must-visit venues that should be on your #RadarList. Let’s taste what Gamla Stan has to offer.

– Cover image credit: Pharmarium –

Bistro Marie 

If you are the kind of diner that dines first with your eyes, Bistro Marie will be a delight for you, with the dining room bathed in warm golden lights and decked out in wooden and marble decors. The restaurant serves its own riffs on French, Swedish, Italian, and American classics. 


Here’s a pharmacy that offers boozy healing potions. What was once Sweden’s first pharmacy from the year 1575 is now an awe-inspiring cocktail bar that takes inspiration from the country’s age-old medicine history. 

For cocktail aficionados, Pharmarium should definitely be your stop if what you’re after in Stockholm is a unique night out. 


Located by Gamla Stan’s main public square, Stortorgskällaren serves as a superb dining destination for Swedish cuisine. Their menu offers both traditional and modern Swedish dishes that you will definitely be pleased by. 

Medeltidskrogen Sjätte Tunnan

Time travel to the Middle Ages at Medeltidskrogen Sjätte Tunnan. Nestled within the ancient medieval cellar, the restaurant offers an unexpected dining experience with dishes based on recipes found in cookbooks from the medieval era, as well as live performances and servers dressed in traditional clothing.

Den Gyldene Freden

Den Gyldene Freden offers far more than just delectability; the restaurant with its focus on traditional Swedish classics offers a slice of history having been in business since 1722. The restaurant has seen the city grow and change into what it is today through centuries and still serves diners their classic recipes that have been well loved by generations after generations.  

Restaurang Tradition

Serving Swedish and Nordic dishes crafted with grade-A ingredients is a rule Restaurang Tradition takes very seriously in the kitchen. Apart from classic dishes, diners can also expect unfamiliar items made with ingredients that are staples in the Swedish pantry. 


Wrap yourself up in the comfort of Swedish home cooking at Slingerbulten. The restaurant is made cosy and comforting with its authentic Swedish dishes and its interior decked out in green (the green-and-white checkered tablecloth is what we absolutely adore). The house-made Swedish Meatballs, Toast Skagen, and Slow-cooked Ox Cheeks are must-tries here. 

Agaton Ristorante E Pizzeria

Taste the delicious tradition of Italian cuisine at Agaton. The restaurant, which is situated in a historical building, has been keeping Italian culinary tradition alive in the heart of Gamla Stan since 1999. Apart from house-made, fresh pasta dishes and pizzas, Agaton also churns out Swedish classics in case you want both in one sitting.