#RadarList: Stockholm’s Cosiest Dining Experience

Photo credit: Villa Godthem

Whilst the last bit of summer is still with us in Stockholm, one thing we commit to doing apart from sunbathing and sailing the beautiful Stockholm Archipelago is getting caffeinated and dining at our favourite cafes and restaurants, spending hours relishing the scrumptious summer spread each venue has to offer with the company of our loved ones. 

And in case you’re as much a cafe and restaurant hopper as we are, here’s a curated list of some of our favourite spots in Stockholm, Sweden with an outdoor seating and cosy setting that should make it on your #RadarList.

Rosendals Trädgård

Rosendals Trädgård is a wholesome haven for those who are fond of wood-fired baked goods, health-forward food and gardening. Set among lush green, the venue is part-cafe, part-bakery and part-plant shop, which is something a foodie with inner gardening geek wishes to be and more. It’s a one-stop destination where you will find decent pastries and also groceries and new plants to bring home. 

Villa Godthem

Whether you’re a Swedish food newbie or connoisseur, Villa Godthem, set in a former residence built since 1874 is the place to be for classic Swedish food done right. From traditional meatballs to plank steak grilled to perfect succulence and afternoon tea, there’s something to cater to everyone’s taste buds at any time of the day. 


The waterside restaurant and bar, Mälarpaviljongen, has more to offer than just a picturesque atmosphere and great vibes; the establishment offers up scrumptious substantial bites for lunch and dinner along with an extensive selection of caffeinated drinks, wine and beer to keep you hydrated. 

Ellery Beach House

The beach resort, Ellery Beach House, does not only offer star-studded stay to guests, but its restaurant, Palmers, also doles out mean Mediterranean-inspired dishes that will take your Stockholm culinary experience up a notch. Their must-tries include umami-packed Braise Lamb, Popcorn Falafel and Yoghurt Sorbet. The Beach House Brunch on Saturday and Sunday is something brunch buffs also shouldn’t miss out on. 

Villa Dagmar

For food aficionados, the restaurant at Villa Dagmar is an oasis of contemporary fine fare that celebrates Mediterranean fusion and the New Nordic cuisine with Swedish spirit. The venue serves up breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner that make it an all-day dining spot convenient for diners to get a stellar meal throughout the day.