#RadarList: Breakfast With A Picture-Postcard View In Italy

Photo credit: Sander Crombach via Unsplash

What’s probably posher and cooler than Breakfast at Tiffany’s is breakfast with a view.

Yes, the food is undeniably the main player in any meal but let’s face it; a picturesque view that comes with it can always take it up a notch. 

With globetrotters around the world flocking to Italy for a good vacanza away from the pandemic stress and depression, Italy has been treating everyone well and equally with bright sun, blue sea and mind-blowing Italian fare. And if you’re anything like us – love having breakfast with a postcard-like vista – then our roundup of hotel breakfast with a great view in Italy will be your ultimate guide on picking the right place to stay when you’re there.

Le Sirenuse

It’s nearly impossible to not come across the name or beautiful pictures of Le Sirenuse if you’re a travel-obsessed instagrammer. The hotel is known to be a vacation home to world-famous celebrities and is celebrated for its colourful yet classy design and a panorama view where the village of Positano kissese the Amalfi coast.

Hotel Chalet Al Foss

Take your in-bed breakfast to a whole ‘nother level at Hotel Chalet Al Foss in in Vermiglio where you’ll be greeted with a mesmerizing mountainscape of Presanella Glacier whilst enjoying a maple-soaked stack of pancakes and or a scrumptious Italian-style breakfast.

Piccolo Sant’Andrea Praiano

How do you take your coffee? How about with cream, sugar and seascape? The five-starred hotel in Praiano, Piccolo Sant’Andrea Praiano is a haven for bon vivants who cherish luxurious stay and fine fare accompanied by the lovely view of the Amalfi Coast.

Hotel Palazzo Barbarigo

Nestled by the Grand Canal, Hotel Palazzo Barbarigo is celebrated for its classical design and stunning setting that gives you a frontrow view of Venice like no other. Their breakfast also boasts a beautiful backdrop of the charming canal simply because you can never have enough of such a sight when in The Floating City.

Capri Wine Hotel

For wine lover slash breakfast buff, Capri Wine Hotel should be in your #RadarList of must-stay hotels. Located in Capri, the small boutique hotel is hugged by lush gardens with the Tyrrhenian Sea as a mesmerizing background. Take delight in their impressive collection of wine at the wine bar but most importantly, take time to relish their breakfast spread set in the alfresco patio.

Caruso, A Belmond Hotel, Amalfi Coast

Set in the former 11th-century palace, Caruso, A Belmond Hotel, Amalfi Coast offers deluxe stay and, of course, delectable breakfast with dazzling seaview from atop the hill where the hotel is located.