#RadarList: NYC-based Artists To Help You Break Through A Creative Slump

Photo credit: Robert Keane via Unsplash

Every once in a while, even the most creative person gets stuck in the creative block. Like falling down the rabbit hole, sometimes it could take hours, days or worst, weeks, to climb out of the creative ruts. 

But if you ask us, a remedy to a creative-block sickness could be as simple an action as a scroll through Instagram feeds. With many artists showcasing their masterpieces online, Instagram is an oasis of fresh new inspos for all interests and hobbies. Here’s our #RadarList of NYC-based artists with wow-worthy artwork to help you break out of any mental barriers your inner creative geek is facing. So if you are currently looking for some art inspo, this is the article to read.

Jade Purple Brown

When talking about artwork that radiates vital energy and sheer delight, the work of NYC-based artist, Jade Purple Brown, always pops up in our minds. Even her name speaks of her use of vibrant colors in her art. The artist showcases unexpected and sensorial illustrations using rich shades of colours and woman figures. Not only is it visually-pleasing to look at, but her work also is a demonstration of women’s empowerment that aims to boost confidence and creativity.

Jessica Walsh

An illustrator, art director and founder of NYC creative agency, &Walsh, Jessica Walsh will bust you out of a helpless creative slump in no time. Her conversational, emotion-driven artwork conveys bold, unapologetic and xx messages that will make you  laugh as well as ponder.

Timothy Goodman

Timothy Goodman’s art is full of good (like his last name suggests), thought-provoking and heart-warming messages. The NYC-based muralist, designer and author is not shy to speak his mind; his work contains vulnerability and strength that makes it all the more liberating for the audience – the kind of art that sets you free from your own emotional prison. So if what you’re after is both an art inspo and an everyday motivational quote, his Instagram account is a must-follow for a daily dose of positivity.

Steak Diane

Created by the talented art director and designer Todd Heim, Steak Diane is Heim’s drag alter ego that is ready to serve you fiery looks and sensual, shellfish-obsessed art and a product line that will warm your food-obsessed heart – think lobster embroidered placemat, bib and ​​fruits de mer print bandana.