RadarList: UK-based Food Bloggers That Are Currently On Our Radar

Photo credit: Aneta Voborilova via Unsplash

In the technology-ruled era where a cooking class can easily be found – fun and free – on the internet, there’s really no need to break the bank going to Le Cordon Bleu or CIA. YouTube and social media have become the platform for great cooks across the world to share their recipes and tips & tricks into creating your favourite dishes at home. 

And if you’re currently looking for the next best recipes for a party or just to wow your friends and family for weeknight dinners, we’ve put together a list of UK-based food bloggers here. They will be your sidekick in the kitchen whenever something delicious is needed.

The Boy Who Bakes

For the Great British Bake Off fans, it’s nearly impossible not to know the name Edd Kimber – an inaugural winner of the show’s first season. The baker slash cookbook author uses his blog and YouTube channel “The Boy Who Bakes” to teach home bakers how to make everything from foolproof chocolate chip cookies to challah and a range of bundt cakes. His recipes are simple, straightforward yet sophisticated – tried and tested.

Kitchen Sanctuary

The husband and wife team, Chris and Nicky, from Kitchen Sanctuary food blog is here to amp up your family meals at home with easy-peasy yet highly drool-inducing recipes crafted from ingredients you can easily find in your local supermarkets or farmers markets. Their recipes also cover a spectrum of cuisines, spanning Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Indian and more.

The Loopy Whisk

Even if you’re not planning to get on the cooking and baking bandwagon any time soon, a scroll through The Loopy Whisk food blog or Instagram account by the baked goods genius, Katarina Cermelj, will be just enough to make you happy with sugar-studded dessert pictures. She also offers an array of allergy-friendly as well as vegan recipes to cater to everyone’s diet and preference.

Recipes From A Pantry

Just like the name suggests, Recipes From A Pantry by Bintu is packed full of humble dishes cooked from pantry staples and produce you can easily shop from your local grocery stores. Think Instant Pot Chicken Breast, Air Fryer Pork Chops, Tater Tot Casserole, Banana Cream Pie and more delightful dishes.

The Little Plantation

Kimberly Espinel of The Little Plantation is equally a talented cook and a skilled food stylist and photographer. Her blog features a repertoire of stellar plant-based recipes, for example, Vegan Chickpea Sweetcorn Burgers, Tofu Scramble and Vegan Chocolate Orange Cake. For those who are interested in mastering food photography, she also hosts online food styling and food photography courses to help you tell your food stories visually.