#RadarReview: A Gastronomic Thai-Cosmopolitan Adventure At EKKALUCK

Stepping into Thailand’s inaugural Autograph Collection Hotel, Madi Paidi Bangkok, is akin to immersing oneself in a narrative that beautifully intertwines heritage with modernity.

Situated in the bustling neighbourhood of Thong Lor, the hotel seamlessly weaves a modern aesthetic with designs inspired by Thai gemstones, traditional arts, and symbols.

Every nook and corner embodies a harmonious juxtaposition, bridging the gap between Thai history and contemporary elements.

We recently had the pleasure of exploring the hotel and indulging in a delightful dining experience at its signature restaurant, EKKALUCK. This refined venue is where Executive Chef Wuttisak Wuttiamporn showcases his Thai-cosmopolitan cuisine.

EKKALUCK, named after the Thai word for uniqueness, presents a symphony of flavours that beautifully melds Thai and international cuisines. Chef Wut’s culinary artistry, honed through his experiences in leading hotels worldwide, including the UK and Japan, adds an extra layer of delicious sophistication, ensuring each dish is not just a taste but a visual masterpiece.

Dedicated to locavore principles, Chef Wut is committed to sourcing his ingredients from local farms, fisheries, and trusted suppliers.

For breakfast and lunch, diners and hotel guests can relish an à la carte menu that focuses on global classics and the restaurant’s own signature creations.

As evening arrives, the dining room transforms into a cosy nest where you can indulge in progressive tasting menus, brimming with scrumptious surprises – which we did.

For diners with discerning tastes in progressive Thai cuisine, consider yourself lucky with the exquisite tasting menus here. Each dish is a unique reinterpretation of Thai favourites through the artistic lens of Chef Wut – a prime example being the dynamite 6/7 Tenderloin Tartare with E-sarn Herbs and Mushroom Tom Kha with Truffle Bubble. 

P.S. Here’s some good news for our regular diners: each item in the tasting menus may change regularly, depending on the chef. So, anticipate a delightful surprise for your taste buds every time you dine here. 

Here are some snippets from our dinner at EKKALUCK.

[Images courtesy of Madi Paidi Bangkok, Autograph Collection]