Revenge Travel – The Post-lockdown Travel Fever

After over two years of going through phases of unwanted lockdowns and confusing travel restrictions, both domestically and internationally, COVID-19 has made us adventurers consumed by an inextinguishable thirst for travel. 

–Featured Image Credit: Oliver Sjöström via Unsplash–
Photo credit: Shifaaz shamoon via Unsplash  

With travel-hungry individuals, a “revenge travel” trend has emerged.

This is a reverse of last fall’s trend, trip stacking, which is all about multi-trip booking, creating backup plans in the same period of time in case one fails. Revenge travel is all about hitting up destinations on your bucket list and spending big bucks on your dream resorts and activities. Essentially, the trend encourages travellers to either go big or go home. 

Photo credit: Ishan @seefromthesky via Unsplash  

Some of the most popular #RevengeTravel destinations are the ones with few, fuss-free restrictions, including Greece, Croatia, Italy, Iceland, Mexico, Maldives and Dubai. 

So if you, too, look forward to paying the pandemic back from the stolen opportunities to travel the world, here’s the best time to do revenge travel and take over this wonderful little planet by storm.