Santa Approved Sustainable Gift Ideas To Start New Year On A Green Note

Photo credit: Grouphug

There’s no better time to start living more responsibly and sustainably than the holiday season. Here’s a moment of reflection and a time where New Year’s resolutions and next year’s goals and dreams are being set out.

And as the world is moving forward to a (hopefully) greater year of 2022, many have set out their intention to live a more sustainable lifestyle for a healthier life and a healthier planet. So if you’re already thinking about gift ideas for your loved ones for the festive season, consider getting eco-friendly presents from these sustainable brands. They ship internationally and also offer a range of great lifestyle products that will encourage your family and friends to start 2022 on a green note!

Package Free

Package Free’s evergreen mission is to help the world become less “trashy.” By that they don’t mean in a fashion sense, but more of creating a waste-free or less-waste environment for a greener future to come. Founded by the American zero waste environmentalist, Lauren Singer, Package Free offers a wide range of 100% sustainable lifestyle products for your home and everyday living. Think kitchenware, bathroom amenities, cleaning tools and skincare products like clay masks.

Pela Case

When it comes to phone cases, you can now choose to protect your cellphone while also protecting mother nature. Pela Case is from Canada and its collection of compostable phone cases are all crafted from natural sources free from plastics. Apart from that, the brand also makes eco-friendly sunglasses, smart watch bands and AirPods Pro cases. Looking for the best practical gift that everyone will use and appreciate? This is the one.


We are living in a tech-centric world so 9 out of 10 times, a tech gift will always be appropriate. Let’s keep it cool and eco-friendly this year by opting for the cool-new creation of Window Solar Charger by Grouphug, a startup company from Brooklyn. Grouphug’s founder and a NYC-based product designer, Krystal Persaud, created the first model of the solar charger in her living room with the goal to reduce fossil fuel use and create innovations with sustainability at its core. Here’s a stylish slash sustainable energy-harvesting tool everyone will surely love as a gift this year.

Green Toys

US eco-friendly toy company, Green Toys, gives you a chance to show love to your kids as well as Mother Earth through their selection of toys safely made from 100% recycled plastic. Here, toys of all types and sizes are crafted from recycled milk jugs and to date, the company has transformed over 100,000,000 milk jugs into a variety of playthings, spanning bath toys, vehicle toys and even board books made with recycled paper and free from BPA, PVC and Phthalates.


Nothing says holiday season like holiday scents. So how about using all-natural fragrances and organic lighting candles to start a toxic-free New Year. The London-based brand, NEOM offers a range of candles made solely from natural vegetable waxes, perfumes, essential oils, home mists and more. The brand also commits to using recycled materials, reducing plastic use wherever they can to slowly yet steadily take the step towards being 100% zero waste by 2025. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your candle connoisseur friends, check out their Christmas collection packed full of special items like Christmas Wish Scented Candle and Limited Edition Real Luxury Scented Candle.