#StyleRadar: Swimwear With A Mission For Better Fashion And Better Planet

Life is good by the pool, but it’s about to get even better with these eco-friendly swimwear labels that not only do they aim to make you feel good, but they also make mother earth a little less troubled with green missions. 

For beachgoers, this is the time you give back to the ocean that has been keeping your love for the beach and body satisfied with sunshine and refreshing breeze. 

–Featured Image Credit: NIGHT DIVE/shycowluvr(IG)/strupat(IG)–


Size doesn’t matter for NIGHT DIVE. Ditch the thoughts and worries of trying to fit into small clothing sizes because this Iowa-based swimwear brand is here to offer ethically-made, fashionable swim pieces, with inclusivity and sustainability smack-bang in the middle. Every swimwear is crafted with recycled fabrics for the most eco-friendly fashion, with sizes ranging from XS to 6X to promote body positivity for women of all ages. 

Inez Valentine

The swimwear from Inez Valentine goes beyond just being eye candy for they are crafted from recycled plastic bottles. Each piece is a mouthpiece for encouragement toward a more responsible fashion. The brand also uses eco-friendly packaging to eliminate excess plastic use in every step of its operation. 


Wolven’s mission is not to only amp up your swimwear game, but to also save the planet – one bikini at a time. With its dedication to reducing the carbon footprint, this American label turns recycled plastic bottles into activewear and swimwear through a fair-trade and ethical production, which helped the brand to rightfully earn its climate-neutral certification. Another great reason to shop your swimsuit from Wolven? Know that 1 lb of marine debris is removed from the ocean with each sale made.

Do Good Swimwear 

Do good to mother earth and to your wardrobe by shopping from Do Good Swimwear. The heart of its production process for each swimsuit is in the trash-to-treasure transformation. The brand turns ocean trash – think plastic waste and fishnets – into stylish pieces. Even better, a part of the profit from the sale will be donated to a variety of organizations, such as Surfrider Foundation, Trees For the Future and Coral Gardeners. Furthermore, Do Good Swimwear supports women-empowering organizations, including Tahanan Sta. Luisa and Women’s Global Empowerment Fund.