These 5 Stockholm Restaurants Deliver Divine Dining Experience

A fine meal in a fine restaurant isn’t just a feast for your palate; it’s also delicious entertainment for your mind. 

These 5 Stockholm establishments, each with five-star service and meticulously prepared fare, deliver divine dining experiences that make them must-visit culinary destinations on our #RadarList.

– Cover image credit: Operakällaren –

Grand Soleil

Meaning “big sun” in French, Grand Soleil at Grand Hôtel Stockholm is a sun-drenched dining spot, with a seafood-packed menu that evokes the French and Italian Rivieras. Having opened in just the beginning of July, Grand Soleil is already one of the city’s hottest restaurants. 

Photo credit: Grand Soleil

The venue is ideal for those who like sunbathing while indulging in delectable meals. The menu is curated by award-winning Chef Mathias Dahlgren, who also runs the restaurant Mathias Dahlgren, which resides in the same hotel. 
Be sure to tuck into Grand Soleil’s star dish: a large shellfish platter with giant lobsters and crab claws, and wash it all down with a nice glass of bubbly.

Photo credit: Adam/Albin


Helmed by the chef duo, Adam Dahlberg and Albin Wessman, Adam/Albin is a one-Michelin-starred restaurant with a focus on Nordic cuisine. The menu is imbued with the two chefs’ interpretation of Nordic cooking and their deep appreciation for fresh and seasonal produce. 

Photo credit: Adam/Albin

Its sleek setting, splashed in navy blue, copper and dark pecan, exudes an air of calm that complements its quiet-luxury fare.

Photo credit: Operakällaren


If you’ve got a big appetite for splendid designs and scrumptious food, saunter over to Operakällaren. Nestled within the Royal Swedish Opera House, this establishment has been both a cultural and culinary destination since 1787. With six exhilarating F&B concepts now under its roof, Operakällaren is a true delight for food aficionados.

Photo credit: Operakällaren

These are Operakällarens Matsal, a fine dining restaurant with one Michelin Star; Operabaren, a sleek restaurant with classic Swedish fare and an opulent setting; Bakfickan, a Swedish restaurant with friendly vibes and friendly prices; Operaterrassen, a banquet hall; End Nightclub, a perfect club for all-night revelry that stays open until 5 am (hmm we smell parties); and Café Opera Nightclub.

Photo credit: Asian Post Office

Asian Post Office

Here’s a kind of post office we always want to visit. Asian Post Office is a love letter to Asian cuisine; the menu here is a medley of dishes inspired by the flavours and cooking techniques found in Asia. Think popcorn shrimp coated in gochujang-spiked sauce, falafel with hot sauce and thai basil, spicy lobster noodles and more.

Photo credit: Asian Post Office

Even their cocktails represent the flavours of Asian powerhouse ingredients, like Thai basil and ginger.

Photo credit: Ocra


Here’s an oasis of international classics. At Ocra, you can find well-loved dishes from various cuisines and countries. For example, burgers, pizzas, tacos, and steaks.

Photo credit: Ocra

The vintage dining room is as pleasing to the eye as the food is to the palate. Head there in the morning and rejoice, with a medley of classic breakfast items, or stop by before lunch time for an extravagant brunch. Dinner here is also a vibe with lit candles, cocktails and a good selection of crowd-pleasing gourmet fare to choose from.