Trip Stacking: Fall’s Hottest Travel Trend Caused By The Pandemic And Here’s Why You Should Also Do It Too

Photo credit: Unsplash/Daniel Jensen

Uncertainty is the new certainty in Covid-19 era. There’s no doubt that the pandemic has slowed down every aspect of life and all types of decision making – especially trip planning. 

With the ever-changing travel rules, restrictions and requirements that vary in every country around the world, planning an international vacay away from your home country – sometimes even domestic travel – has unquestionably doubled in complexity and difficulty which may further scare away those who already despise travel planning. 

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But when there’s a travel will, there’s always a way. Travel agencies, airlines and hotels and their wide array of drool-inducing booking deals with free cancellation and flexible refund policies (some with even no upfront cost) have birthed one of the pandemic’s hottest travel trends, Trip Stacking.   

Here’s a trend that’s all about backup plans. What it is, is multi-trip booking in the same period of time – say you book a trip to Hawaii with a plan B of the same-date booking to The Bahamas.

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The essence of trip stacking lies in same-date bookings in multiple spots in case of Plan A derailing, which is usually a destination with constantly changing pandemic protocols.

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Much like taking paracetamol prior to getting the vaccines, here’s a travel tactic that guarantees a good, healthy/happy trip in advance, making sure your trip will happen despite all the uncertainties you may come across. So instead of going for the typical one-trip booking, trip stacking might be a trend that’s here to stay as long as Covid lasts and lives on.