From Bleisure To Workation And Philantourism – Here Are 10 Travel Terms/Trends You Should Know

Photo credit: Samuel Ferrara via Unsplash Like fashion, travel trends change constantly and frequently. Especially during the pandemic era, the travel industry has had to roll with the punches in order to get through these tough times. In the meantime, travellers are also adapting to keep their travel-hungry souls satisfied. The result is a boom

Trip Stacking: Fall’s Hottest Travel Trend Caused By The Pandemic And Here’s Why You Should Also Do It Too

Photo credit: Unsplash/Daniel Jensen Uncertainty is the new certainty in Covid-19 era. There's no doubt that the pandemic has slowed down every aspect of life and all types of decision making - especially trip planning.  With the ever-changing travel rules, restrictions and requirements that vary in every country around the world, planning an international vacay