Unique Hotels For a Unique New Year Vacay In Sweden

Photo credit: Arctic Bath

To many, travelling to new places is pure escapism. If your travel itinerary this year include one of the most alluring European countries like Sweden, these are the top 3 must-visit hotels that should make it to your #RadarList. 

From nestling on the trees to sitting on ice, these unique hotels are all built with natural elements and located in the wildest, if not prettiest, sites in Sweden. 

Arctic Bath 

Wellness, luxury and nature go hand in hand here at Arctic Bath, a floating spa hotel in Harads, Sweden. This fine haven is built from leather, textile and raw, natural elements, which have been woven together with yarn. We suggest you book your stay on a floating cabin to fully immerse in the charm of the Lule River. Or choose to go for a cosy stay on land at the cabin that is surrounded by a thick forest. There, the two-storey cabin comes with one king-size and three other single beds. A perfect stay for a family of 4 to 5 people. No matter what room type you opt for, make sure you get to enjoy the hotel’s main highlight which is the spa. Take a cold plunge in the open-air bath to get your blood flowing or enjoy an array of wellness treatments on offer at the spa. 


If there’s anywhere we would want to get purposefully lost in the woods, it’s here. Nestled within the pine forest just a few minutes from Lule River in Harads is the eco-friendly Treehotel, where you can find the Instagram-famous tree cabins. Each one has its very own unique feature in which you can get the idea from its names: The UFO, Bird’s Nest, Dragonfly and more. Our personal favourite is the Mirrorcube that’s been decorated with reflective glass all throughout the place,  making the cabin appear invisible and blend into the surrounding landscape. 


We’ve given you hotels located in forests and rivers. Here is a hotel that highlights ice, to end the list on a cool note. Situated in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, Icehotel is constructed entirely using ice and snow and should make it to the top of your #RadarList of places to stay in Sweden. The hotel is open year-round and is kept under -5c through the seasons using solar energy. So expect to gorge your eyes on their stunning ice art hall, ice bar, ice rooms and ice suites, which are adorned with ice structures. Each suite is also designed and carved by different ice artists. They all come equipped with a comfortable reindeer hide-covered ice bed. There’s also a shared sauna and a heated area to make sure guests stay warm and cosy throughout their entire stay.