Unseen Croatia –These Pictures Will Make You Wish You Were There Right Now

Photo credit: Spencer Davis via Unsplash

With hundreds of stupefying islands where crystal-blue sea kisses sheer white sands, it is beyond a shadow of doubt that this European country would be one of the top ideal destinations for a sun-drenched, island-hopping vacation. With the country reopening for tourists, there’s also no surprise to see that the country grew in notoriety even more among travel-hungry folks. 

Laid right by the Adriatic Sea, Croatia offers mesmerizing seascape in contrast with their historical Croatian architectural buildings, a beautiful blend of Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic and Romanesque styles that always cast a spell on visitors. Here’s our #RadarList gallery of some of the most astonishing spots in Croatia you may have never seen before. Fair warning: they might make you want to fly there pronto.