18 Stockholm Cafes And Bakeries On The Radar

For us, cafe hoppers, happiness can easily be bought in the form of expertly brewed coffee and freshly baked cakes, served in universally beloved cafes and bakeries.

The nooks and crannies of nearly every city in Sweden are dotted with cafes and bakeries, each boasting its unique theme and specialty. The capital city of Sweden, in particular, offers a plethora of establishments that are currently delighting both locals and visitors with their delectable beverages and baked goods. Add them to your #RadarList and let’s get a caffeine boost.

– Cover image credit: Fabrique Stenugnsbageri –

Johan & Nyström

Johan & Nyström offers sustainability in a cup, with direct trade at the heart of their mission. They directly source beans from eco-friendly producers like Long Miles Coffee from Burundi and FAF Coffees from Brazil. In their roastery, Johan & Nyström continues the sustainable process by using biogas-powered roasters to craft their coffee gems. They also ensure eco-friendly delivery by collaborating with a company that practices carbon-minimization. Coffee connoisseurs who share a passion for eco-friendly choices can now savour Johan & Nyström’s farm-to-cup beverages at their coffee bars located throughout different parts of Stockholm.

Mellqvist Kaffebar

A visit to Mellqvist Kaffebar is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for your taste buds. In addition to the stacks of sandwiches and pastries that will surely entice you (like they do to us), its cordial setting and service also play a significant role in the venue’s success.

Sundbergs Konditori

Sundbergs Konditori, the caffeinated gem of Gamla Stan, holds the status of being one of Stockholm’s oldest cafes having been open since 1785. Here, indulge in the old-world cafe glamour along with your coffee and dessert of choice.

Fabrique Stenugnsbageri

Fabrique is no stranger to pastry enthusiasts. This Stockholm bakery has skyrocketed to Instagram stardom in the past few years thanks to its famed kardemummabullar (cardamom buns). Other temptations like their cakes, cookies and sourdough bread are also exceptional.

Socker Sucker

Founded by the pastry duo Bedros Kabranian & Frida Bäcke, Socker Sucker is your sweet escape with a spectrum of scrupulously crafted pastries. Here, classic items get contemporary sweet spins to make your pastry journey sensational and scrumptious.


A stellar spot to satisfy your sweet tooth. Vete-Katten has long been serving up cookbook-perfect bread, cakes, and pastries since 1928. And while it’s known as a konditori (meaning confectionery in Swedish), their offerings extend to savoury delights such as soups, salads, and sandwiches.

Svedjan Bageri Södermalm

Add more sweet memories to your life with regular visits to Svedjan Bageri Södermalm. The bakery offers a variety of cakes, bread, pastries, and coffee to cater to all your carb, coffee, and sugar cravings.

Café Pascal

Café Pascal is making Stockholm an even “butter” place with its selection of incredibly flaky pastries. The dedication put into the baking process here is evident in the expertly browned, caramelized crust of each baked good. You can conveniently find them at three locations across town: Sturegatan 8, Skånegatan 76, and Norrtullsgatan 4.


The minimalist-chic cafe, Gast, will spoil you with their baked goods as well as breakfast and brunch options and caffeinated beverages.

Café Schweizer 

Established in 1920, Café Schweizer is the O.G. in Stockholm’s cafe scene. While its impressive array of Swedish sandwiches and sweets is undeniably delightful, what will initially capture your gaze and grab your attention is a pyramid of sun-shade oranges displayed behind the front window. It’s a feast for the eyes, perfect for those who eat first with their eyes.

Lillebrors Bageri

At Lillebrors Bageri, flour, butter, and sugar come together to choreograph a mouthwatering ballet. This is the place to experience a lineup of expertly crafted baked goods, including Krämbulle, Semla, Kardemummabulle, and an assortment of sourdough loaves.


The golden kanelbullar at Ingrid will ingrain in you the love and appreciation for Swedish cinnamon buns. The petite window that provides views of trays filled with baked goods alone is good enough of a reason to stop by here.

Ritorno – Bageri & Konditori

The taste of tradition is on offer at Ritorno Bageri & Konditori. Established since 1959, this original Swedish cafe exudes a charming 50s vibe and serves up sugar-laden, butter-packed classics at three of their Stockholm locations: Odengatan 80, Dalagatan 41, and Torsgatan 20.

Art Bakery NK

Baking is an art form at Art Bakery NK where dessert enthusiasts can indulge in their buttery and sugary masterpieces all day. A selection of substantial breakfast and lunch options is also offered to keep both your stomach and heart full and fulfilled.

Café Petissan

Leave all the stresses behind and indulge in desserts at Café Petissan. Here, you can have Swedish sweet classics and coffee within a warm vintage setting that exudes nostalgic charm.

Bullar & Bröd

Fika like a real Swede at Bullar & Bröd. Take your daily coffee break up a notch with premium baked goods crafted from organic stone-ground flour and quality butter here. 


Calling all cookie monsters, Krümel is your cookie oasis in Stockholm. The venue offers an assortment of fun cookie flavours with fabulous names like the Crumb Brûlée, No Crumb No Cry, Chunky Gone Nutty Crumb, and Midsummer Crumb, just to name a few. Complement your cookie experience with their red latte, brewed coffee, or kombucha.


A must-visit for matcha enthusiasts, Matcha-Ya is a Japanese-style dessert spot that highlights the green goddess powder. Here, you’ll discover an array of matcha offerings, from the Matcha Ya Latte to the unique Matcha Cheese Tea and the Matcha Roll. For those with a savoury palate, options like Miso Ramen, Unadon Donburi, and Tuna Onigiri are also on the menu.