#RadarList: Charming Hotels In The Medieval Castle City Monemvasia, Greece

Photo credit: Kinsterna Hotel

Nestled in the south-eastern part of The Peloponnese peninsula, Monemvasia, Greece is a charming little fortress town built during the medieval era on a little island that is only connected to the mainland via a thin causeway road. 

Dubbed as The Rock, the sleepy, serene town sitting on the foot of the tall rocky mountain still retains its original medieval architecture from the bygone Byzantine era, making a visit here like finding a time machine back to the glorious past. Not to mention the island also does not allow cars nor any motor vehicle, which makes a trip here like tumbles down a rabbit hole of Greek history. 

So just in case you’re looking for ways to enliven your jaded appetite for Greece, a change from your usual plan of visiting rather more touristy spots like Santorini, Athens or Mykonos to a more down-to-earth yet enchanting town like Monemvasia, Greece would be a delicious idea. Here is our list of gorgeous hotels on the island because really, one day is not enough to soak up the magical air of this town.

Kinsterna Hotel

Dive deep into a pool of history at Kinsterna Hotel. The revived Byzantine-era mansion overlooking the Aegean Sea merges together 5-starred facilities with the vintage beauty of an 18th century mansion. The past is preserved beautifully in each room and suites; hand-made embroideries, traditional wooden doors and ceilings as well as antiques are kept to preserve the architectural heritage. With 100-acres of land, the hotel also produces their own wine, olive oil and table olives and preserves crafted from the produce grown in their herb gardens and orchards located within the property. It’s a place to experience Greece’s local lifestyle and a top-notch stay.

Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites

Blending medieval architecture with modern amenities, the stone-built, all-suites Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites offers opulence and timeless elegance that doesn’t seem excessive with its humble yet gorgeous setting coupled with a bird’s eye view of the sea. Their in-house restaurant, Chrisovoulo Restaurant, is also a must-visit for a top-notch dining experience on the island.

House in the Castle

House in the Castle sets within a few minutes walk from the beach is a palace to be in if what you’re after is a humble yet incredibly warm abode to stay while visiting Monemvasia. With stone walls, arch and wooden elements, the rooms ooze cozy vibes that make you feel right at home. The highlight, however, is the breakfast spot with the seascape where you’ll see Monemvasia Beach kissing the horizon.