#RadarList: Great Doughnut Spots In Bangkok We Absolutely A-Dough

Photo credit: CREAM by Flour Flour

When it comes to doughnut business, Bangkok doesn’t take it lightly. 

In recent years, the Big Mango’s dessert scene has been blessed with cool-new doughnut haunts where bakers are frying up fresh sweet golden-brown doughs for doughnut devotees daily. Some are topped and filled the traditional way, with shiny classic glaze, sweet-sour fruit jam and silky custard while some pave a new path for doughnut tradition by getting glazed and filled with local flavours like Thai tea as well as bold, if not pleasantly bizarre, flavours like durian cream. 

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite doughnut spots in Bangkok we believe should be on your #RadarList.


For the kind of doughnut that will have your jaw dropped, head over to DROP BY DOUGH for their wow-worthy array of doughnut flavours. Tamagoyaki Sando(nut) is a Japanese rolled omelette sandwiched between a plain doughnut and LOX Doughnut features smoked salmon, a generous spread of cream cheese, capers and red onion as a savory stuffing to contrast with the sweet dough. Not one for adventurous taste? DROP BY DOUGH also offers less-bizarre yet creative flavours like Caramel Biscuits, Crème Brûlée, Salted Egg Custard, Dark Chocolate & Orange Marmalade and more.

CREAM by Flour Flour

First, it’s hard not to love CREAM by Flour Flour after seeing its unique social media presence. Second, it’s equally hard – or harder – not to love it after tasting their signature Vanilla Cream Donut that comes with a perfectly imbalanced 2:1 ratio of cream to dough, which we are not complaining about. Other flavours like Spicy Bacon Cheddar Cheese, Hazelnut Cream Brownie, Cereal Milk and Banoffee Doughnut are also must-tries.

Chubby Dough


Get chubby with Chubby Dough. The American-style doughnut shop doles out a drool-inducing selection of doughnuts to be enjoyed in their heart-warming, highly instagrammable setting decked out in red and pink. With the “It’s all fat” concept, expect nothing low-fat or low-sugar. Only a high-carb, high-fat diet is encouraged here.


Magic happens when shokupan and doughnut mingle. Meet shonut, an ultra-fluffy and incredibly-light relative of a classic doughnut you’ll want to include in your favorite dessert list. HUUS OF BREAD serves up a range shonuts filled with a variety of palate-pleasing fillings, spanning Mocha Almond, Vanilla, Lemon, Berries, Matcha, Chocolate and Earl Grey Honey Comb. It’s the kind of simple that tastes profoundly complex thanks to the terrific hybrid dough.


For nothing fancy that still packs a punch for deliciousness, opt for the Japanese-style doughnuts at Kinu. The venue offers the simplest slash purest form of a doughnut that really lets the humble ingredients of flour, butter, sugar and yeast speak. Each doughnut is proofed and fried to perfection and is enveloped with a thin layer of superfine sugar to give a delicate crunch to contrast with the melt-in-your-mouth doughy texture.