#RadarList: These Hotel Pools in France Looks – And Feels – Like A Paradise

Photo credit: Château de la Messardière

Beautiful hotel pools can be found anywhere. But let’s face it; there are only a few that are truly memorable and worth going back to time and time again.

This week on RADAR-LIST, we are currently daydreaming about a sun-drenched French holiday as summer is coming to an end. Hence, this is the best time to dream.

And in our wildest imagination, these are some of the most charming hotel pools in France where we are virtually soaking up the last bit of summer and relishing a bottle of crisp chardonnay – all of which makes doing a few laps in the pool more enjoyable and feel less workout-y.

Hôtel Jardins Secrets

Hôtel Jardins Secrets housed in the charming 18th-century home in Nîmes, France is where serenity marries luxury. Though it’s in the heart of the city, the boutique hotel makes itself an ideal sanctuary free from all the urban worries and the city’s hecticness. Our favourite thing about the hotel is their paradise-like pool nestled amid the lush garden. It’s first sight to us is reminiscent of an oasis being found after days of being roamed in a vast desert.

Domaine de Murtoli

Embrace a slow travel here at Domaine de Murtoli, a hotel with a collection of stone-built shepherds’ houses and landlord mansions from the 17th century located in Corsica, France. 

The restored antique houses feature vintage elegance made comfy and convenient with modern facilities. The property is also hugged by a lush green field with a vegetable patch and olive trees. The best part? Most of their accommodation comes with a private heated pool overlooking a picturesque view of the Mediterranean island, Corsica.


Hotel La Lanterne

Not really into an outdoor pool? Get lost in the cave-like indoor pool at Hotel La Lanterne in Paris, a beautiful boutique hotel just a few minutes walk from Notre-Dame. The pool with dimly-lit lighting, vault ceiling and stone wall will make you feel like stepping back in time, from the modern city to the ancient era of Paris underneath the ground.

Hotel Cap Estel

If Prince Eric’s Castle from Ariel was real, it would be Hotel Cap Estel in Èze, France. Having situated on a little peninsula overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, there’s no doubt the view you get from staying here will not disappoint. Some of the rooms boast balconies just above the property’s private beach, offering mesmerising seascape and serenity every vacation needs. What every guest gets is the access to their infinity pool perched on a little cliff by the sea that will give you the front row sea view like the sea is only yours.