#StyleRadar: Jewellery Brands that Help You Shop Mindfully

Photo credit: Ananda Soul/@yanastrizhh via Instagram

The Covid-19 era has been about much more than a virus. It has also been a time of reflection, giving us plenty of reasons why we should take care of the earth and our environment. 

So once 2022 came around, many of us resolved to live a more intentional lifestyle and to be compassionate to humankind, as well as to nature. Since we are all consumers, the first baby step we can take is to change the way we shop. Many brands across the world are slowly taking a more sustainable and ethical approach in producing and marketing their goods. This roundup of jewellery brands that are armed with thoughtful missions, is an example of how bijou lovers can still manage to look fab and fine, while also being eco-friendly and harm-free to nature. 

Ananda Soul

The Bali-based brand, Ananda Soul, devotedly employs the practice of using recycled silver and paying fair wages to each and every individual whose hands meticulously shape each jewellery piece. Apart from the beautiful designs, customers will also get to shop for a good cause, with 10% of the brand’s profits going directly towards the “Adopt A Balinese Family In Need” project and more.


If what you’re after is quirky vintage jewellery pieces, check out Yam. The brand’s range of accessories is all handmade and produced by a small production team in Astoria, New York. On top of that, the jewellery is made with upcycled materials, with each piece narrating childhood stories of Yam’s founder and designer, Morgan Thomas.  

Poppy Finch

Crafting their bijous entirely with recycled gold and ethical gemstones, Poppy Finch gives a sustainable makeover to luxury jewellery, making each item not only stunning but eco-friendlier. The luxury approach to jewellery is reinterpreted here with recycled materials without sacrificing the design, detail and finesse. For those who cruise the streets looking for ethical gemstone jewellery, Poppy Finch won’t disappoint you.