These Stockholm Venues Offer Instagrammable Food, Views And Vibes

If you are a discerning diner looking for more restaurants and cafes to add deliciousness slash instagrammable moments to your life, our #RadarList of cafes and restaurants here can be your complete guide. 

These Stockholm eateries offer far more than just great food; they offer picture-worthy vibes and views that will enrich your Stockholm trip.

– Cover image credit: Strandbryggan Boat Club – 
Photo credit: TAK


Nordic ingredients get a nice Japanese treatment here at TAK; seasonal produce are sourced then prepared with Japanese culinary techniques. 

Photo credit: TAK

The venue is divided into different sections: Izakaya – a beer hall with Tak’s riff on Japanese fare and drinks, IMA – a cocktail bar with stunning view of Stockholm, UNN – a dining section where you can indulge in food and drink pairings, and TAK Bar & Terrace – a rooftop bar which offers Nordic-Japanese cocktails along with upbeat tunes from the DJs and the cityscape of Stockholm.

Photo credit: LUX Dag för Dag

LUX Dag för Dag

The waterside Scandinavian restaurant, LUX Dag för Dag, is a place to sample all the seasons of Stockholm; the menu is heavily influenced by what is grown and harvested each day by farmers who partner with the restaurant.

Photo credit: LUX Dag för Dag

Hence, the menu here is constantly changing – dinner items can also be different from the lunch service of the same day. 

Photo credit: Strandbryggan Boat Club

Strandbryggan Boat Club

Strandbryggan is not your typical boat club. The contemporary beach club offers lakeside feast and unlimited fun, ensuring guests are well-entertained throughout their visit.

Photo credit: Strandbryggan Boat Club

Enjoy a lovely view of Djurgården and Strandvägen whilst you sip on Milano, their signature strawberry-infused Martini Fiero cocktail, in an alfresco floating dining area.

Photo credit: Café Schweizer

Café Schweizer

Café Schweizer is the OG in Stockholm’s cafe scene, having opened in 1920. The cafe exemplifies fika culture, which is a Swedish coffee break tradition where one sits down to relish coffee or tea and sweet treats with family and friends.

Photo credit: Café Schweizer

The cafe offers an array of sandwiches, pastries, and cakes in a vintage setting, stacked with food and fruit throughout, making it highly instagrammable to food aficionados like us. 

Photo credit: ThaiBoat

ThaiBoat Stockholm

Dinner at ThaiBoat is a party in its own right. This floating Thai restaurant is divided into 8 different areas, each with a theme, like The Beach (with actual sand!), The Bridge (an outdoor seating area perched over the water) and The Igloo, where you can enjoy a family-style Thai feast, where a group shares multiple dishes on the table as one would in a typical Thai household.