Three under-the-radar Hideaways in Europe

Like many of you, we are feeling the itch to travel again, luckily most of Europe the lockdowns have been lifted and people have been traveling within the region.

We’d like to share three under-the-radar summer destinations we frequent where social distancing won’t be a problem. Pack your weekend bags, get your cameras ready, and dare to live like the locals!

Deia, Mallorca Spain

Our fascination with this coastal gem started when we received a wedding invitation from our Swedish couple friend who got married at Son Marriog. Smitten by the beauty of the place, the next thing we know is we have been spending each summer here years after, not to mention attended another wedding in the same region of our close-knit relative the year after. Needless to say, we just can’t get enough of this place!

While Palma de Mallorca is a current popular destination, an idyllic town lies on the west coast called Deia, more known as the artist’s haven. Filled with honey-colored houses surrounded in lush greenery and olive trees, this world heritage site is kept pristine like time stood still. You will need a car or a boat to explore the coast.

Bask in gorgeous turquoise waters of its exotic beaches. Nude- swimming is not a problem because you can have the beach to yourself. No wonder why the likes of Richard Branson and Robert Graves decided to add Deia to their collection of hideaway homes.

Playa de Ses Illetes, coordinates 38°44’46.54″N – 1°25’50.29″E

Playa Illetes with coordinates 38°44’46.54″N – 1°25’50.29″E sits Es Moli de Sal where patrons from across the world flock to this chic gastro summer hang out.

An off beaten track resto/ bar that most guests reach it by boat or car. The limited access to get here adds to the charm of the place. A Formentera gem for those looking for cozy lively ambiance overlooking the Balearic Islands. Personalities that are in-the-know are most likely to be spotted here like Chiara Ferragani and Fedez to name a few.

They offer a tender service that means, you can anchor your yacht in front of the restaurant and you can get picked up by their speed boat. Sunset sessions are best spent here when you are in the area. The restaurant have a great selection of local wines and the big pan of Paella is a must-try!

Torekov, Sweden

Torekov welcomed us with a cold breeze on a blue midsummer sky.

The first thing that struck us when we arrived was a strong tradition of residents wearing their bathrobes when outdoors, taking their morning swim in the sea, or even when lining up for their fresh baguettes. Whether riding a bicycle or on a topdown, they make sure to flaunt their bathrobes around. Its the society’s version of chic “out of bed” look is the “cool” here. And when you aren’t wearing one, you’re obviously the outsider.

This small town in the Swedish Riviera is a gem address of the old rich’s summer homes. Torekov has a reputation to be the Hampton’s of Sweden. We happen to have stayed at a summer house next to Hugh Grant’s – that tells that he’s celeb of taste.