When In Uppsala: 5 Restaurants That Should Be On Your Radar

There are so many experiences to take in whenever you are travelling to new places, but one thing that I always keep in mind during trips is checking out the food scene along the way.

In Uppsala, one of Sweden’s oldest and most charming cities, the dining experience is just as vibrant as its past. There certainly isn’t a lack of choice for places to eat. From high-quality Swedish food to French and Asian-European fusion, here are some restaurants you should try out for a memorable epicurean trip:


The highly regarded Stationen (which literally translates to “station” in (English) is a brasserie-inspired restaurant smack bang at the central station of Uppsala. Prior to being masterfully transformed into a dining space, the location served as the city’s link to continental Europe since opening in 1866. 

Having been revamped to adapt to the present day, Stationen remains as one of the most frequented places in town. Set in a relaxed, casual, and interactive ambiance, it features a bar resembling London’s classic pubs and a cafe similar to those in Rome. Belly up to pizzas and pasta, get a load of pepper steak or nibble on the Swedish classic toast Skagen in a setting that radiates nostalgia from every corner. 

Stationen is open from early in the morning to late at night.

Jay Fu

Jay Fu’s is a perennial favorite among carnivorous diners in Uppsala. Taking inspiration from the 1960-70s American-Asian steakhouse of Kung-Fu master/restauranteur Jay Fu, the menu puts equal focus on the hearty Western proteins and the delicate Asian zest.

Indulge in generous portions of beautifully cooked meals within the walls dotted with Jay Fu memorabilia. Choices include barbecued veal ribeye with corn, bacon, and sweet potato puree; grilled beef burger in sesame brioche; and grilled tuna with yuzu glaze and blackened avocado. For lightweights, there is a great selection of sushi. Pair it with a glass of wine, craft beer, or sake.

Jay Fu’s is open from Monday to Saturday. It is located on the upper floor of the Saluhallen indoor market.

Miss Voon

A delightful Asian-European fusion awaits you at Miss Voon, a modern restaurant perched on the eleventh floor of Elite Hotel Academia in central Uppsala. 

The menu is changing throughout the year, but it is always exquisite. Think Fjord salmon tartare with jalapeno, tout roe, and radish; scallop tataki with avruga caviar and wasabi; mushroom dumpling with truffle and nashi pear; and smokey lamb racks with tamarin and shishito. All served beautifully in half-portions so you can enjoy the variety and full spectrum of taste and visual offered by each.

The restaurant is vegetarian-friendly and Omakase experience is also available for the discerning ones who love to surprise their palates and indulge on the chef’s creative instincts.

At Miss Voon, you’re in for a minimalist, yet luxurious culinary experience. They are catering to guests from Wednesdays to Saturdays only so make sure secure reservations on their website.

Restaurang Tzatziki

Restaurang Tzatziki is a Greek-inspired restaurant that sits in the basement of Gillbergska garden which boasts of an architecture rooting back to the 16th century. The interior is sublime and neutral-colored, with blue ceramic plates and hanging lamps to complete the Mediterranean vibe.

Featuring a bunch of classics that will transport your taste buds to the popular destination, you may try everything from moussakas, tzatziki (creamy yogurt dip), haloumi, souvlakia, lamb racks, doner kebabs, to the well-loved Greek dessert baklava and yoghurt with honey. They also have a wide-range of cocktails, champagne, wines, beers, and other alcohol.

If you are craving for authentic Mediterranean food, this is the place to be. Head on to their website for reservations and more information. 


Melding together French brasserie culture and Asian elements, Frenchi has easily made itself into one of the city’s popular restaurants. 

The menu at Frenchi runs the gamut of cross-cultural marriage of ingredients and cooking techniques. For lunch selection, they have tempura-fried bean fries with ponzu and yuzu aioli; Vietnamese rolls; tacos with Korean pork and beef; hoisin duck with caramelized onion, pickled cucumber, and truffle mayonnaise; lobster udon with kimchi; and beef tartare with ginger and wasabi.

Frenchi has a fantastic outdoor seating area overlooking Stora Torget, which makes dining in this restaurant a pleasant experience that is more than just about what is on the plate. They are open to reservations for private events and exclusive functions. Check out their website to stay up to date on their menu, schedule, and availability