Bangkok-based Brands We Are Loving Right Now

Photo credit: Heyday Health Club

Gone are the days when premium wellness products used to only be available at certain places in Bangkok. These days, consumers have plenty of options, with new must-haves being introduced regularly. Here are four new wellness products that should be on your radar. 


Sure sugar tastes great. But like most people, we want to start off the new year by taking great care of our bodies and one way to do that is to cut out sweet treats that are made with chemically produced white sugar. Those with a sweet tooth can try out natural sugar as a sweetener instead. One of the brands that make these is Yodtarn. 

Their coconut nectar comes in four different forms: syrup, granulated sugar, mini granulated sugar and sugarloaf. Every stage of processing, which includes collecting the nectar twice a day, boiling it down to syrup and packaging, is carried out by a local Thai community. By buying these products, you are helping to sustain this community.  

If you’re new to coconut nectar and not sure what to do with it, look up Yodtarn’s IG to get plenty of recipe ideas that you can try out.  

Heyday Health Club

Bulk up your muscles healthily with Heyday Health Club’s protein shake that is made using only clean, plant-based ingredients, such as organic pea and rice protein, BCAAs, probiotics, Himalayan pink salt, stevia extract and vanilla. One serving contains 25 grams of protein and 10 grams fibre, enough to help you perform in your everyday life with Hulk-like strength. Better yet, the protein shakes are packaged sustainably with recycled and bio-degradable materials. 

Healthy Soul 

Achieve a more pleasurable yoga session with Healthy Soul’s newly launched yoga and room mists. Both products contain only natural ingredients that include peppermint, lavender, and tea tree oil. Hence, they can be used safely to spray on yoga mats, or in a closed room to create a spa-like atmosphere, even at home. The tea tree oil, which possesses antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, helps keep your yoga mat germ-free and also provides an invigorating aroma boost to your home. Yoga practitioners can clean their yoga mats by simply spraying the mist on them, then wiping it off with a towel, before letting them dry for a few minutes. 

Note: All Healthy Soul’s products are not tested on animals and are paraben-free.   

ALT Creamery

Based on the fact that the first two ingredients listed on ALT Creamery’s ice cream containers are plant-based milk and a blend of coconut sugar and erythritol, you know you can enjoy these icy treats without going off your healthy diet plan. Another big plus for those with dietary restrictions is that they contain no soy, egg, gluten or dairy.

Our personal favourites include Midnight Crunch, which is made using walnut milk, Rocky Roast that stars creamy white sesame milk, and Genmaicha, a smooth concoction of rice milk and a premium Japanese Genmaicha powder. Pleasantly, their ice cream has that not-processed quality that many of us have now come to expect of ice cream. The brand’s recently launched flavour Silky Nam Dok Mai ice cream is also not to be missed. It’s made using ripe mangoes, rice milk, coconut cream, pandan leaves and butterfly pea flowers, to give it a soothing blue colour. Online ordering is available via