Don’t Let The Touristy Location Fool You, Prego Bangkok Is A True Hidden Gem Of Italian Fare

Samui’s favourite Italian haunt is currently satisfying the Big Mango with heart-warming Italian fare and hug-like hospitality. 

The venue, nestled in the heart of Bangkok’s bustling shopping centre, “Pratunam,” slings out an array of authentic Italian fare packed with sapori and flair, which is complemented by attentive service that does not feel excessive. 

Helmed by celebrated/IG-famous Chef Marco Boscaini, Prego Bangkok is as impressive as its Samui sister location, with a good selection of antipasti, pizzas, pasta and more. 

We checked out the venue recently and here’s our recap of the good night well spent at Prego Bangkok.

First, we were blessed with Antipasto, which we now refer to as a platter of celebration after testing Prego’s version. It comes with a parade of Italian cold cuts, preserved vegetables (including our absolute favourite, artichoke!) and cheese. 

Next came the pizza show performed by the one and truly, Chef Marco. On a thin slice of dough, he made it rain cheese to make our Quattro Formaggi pizza, then he expertly slid the whole pie inside a blazing wood-fired oven for a few minutes until the crust developed a golden-brown, beautifully blistered skin and all the cheese joined together to form a riveting pool of deliciousness. 

Chef Marco, worrying the pizza wouldn’t suffice our roaring appetites, later presented us with three more mains of truffle-loaded Risotto Taleggio E Tartufo, Salmone Grigliato, and Parpedelle Con Sugo di Agnello, where ribbons of pappardelle were blanketed under succulent lamb sauce that was slow-cooked for two and a half hours. 

To send us off home on a sweet note, Chef Margo spoiled us with not one but two desserts: the classic Tiramisu and Green Tea Tiramisu. To our surprise, the grassy, slightly-bitter taste of the matcha powder pleasantly bumped up the flavours of the whole dish by lending this contrasting taste to the sweet mascarpone cream. 

Needless to say, the food here, tried and tested, is as warm as its service provided by Chef Marco and his team, and we can’t recommend this place enough to those who share the same love – and obsession – for cosy meals, cosy vibes and cosy hospitality. 

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(All images courtesy of Prego Bangkok)