Gift Guide For Kids: Thoughtful Presents For Your Naughty & Nice Youngsters

Photo credit: ​​Minnie Zhou via Unsplash

Nothing could get your kids up and energetic in early Christmas morning like presents could. 

Naughty or nice, all parents would ever want to make their kids happy during Christmas. And if you’re one who is currently frantically surfing the internet looking for the perfect gifts for your lovely little ones, you’ve come to the right article. 

Here is our #RadarList of fun slash thoughtful gifts to get your kids this holiday season. These are the brands with toys that aim to spark your kids’ creativity and imagination – some will even subtly teach them to live and play considerately and sustainably also. 

Aurora World 

Stuffed animals are well beloved by boys and girls alike. So getting your kids a fluffy, cuddly plush toy is never a bad idea. Now you can make your kids happy while also saving the planet by checking out Aurora World’s Eco Nation – a collection of stuffed animals made entirely from recycled materials. They are extremely cute as well as eco-friendly – what’s there not to like? 


Art is one of the most fun and easiest ways to help promote child development. KiwiCo delivers a range of art, science, engineering, culture and cooking projects right to your doorsteps, making fun-filled family activities a breeze to manage and organize for parents – especially during this time of the pandemic. There are a selection of art kits for kids of all ages, starting at 0-24 months old. Start by picking the age and interest of your child then create a subscription plan and all you need to do is be ready to receive a new crate/project monthly and have fun!

Land of Dough

One of the things everyone grows up playing with is play dough. It’s fun, colourful and can be turned into limitless shapes – really, the sky’s the limit. Land of Dough makes it even more fab and fabulous by creating a playdough that’s both kid-friendly and eco-friendly. Their array of hand-crafted play dough uses natural and biodegradable ingredients – think natural colouring, compostable glitters and organic essential oils. Every order is also delivered in eco-friendly packaging. The brand also offers play dough cups which come in different cool shapes and designs. 

Crazy Forts

First of all, who doesn’t love house forts? Even adults love them – high five if you’re a kid in an adult’s body. Crazy Forts offers fort kits in which you and your kids can turn into an igloo, a castle, a tunnel, a rocket, a submarine and even a UFO and Mars Station – by all means, follow your kids’ bliss! Every fort box comes with easy-to-follow instructions on how to recreate the fort your little ones will enjoy. It will spark their joy as well as their inventiveness.