#RadarList: Plant-based Restaurants In Bali You Need To Try

Photo credit: KYND COMMUNITY

With cities around the world dotted with great vegetarian and vegan restaurants (which bless the world with accessible plant-based food for all), it’s safe to say these establishments have proven there’s more to the plant-based cuisine than just pale, unappetizing tofu dishes and humdrum salads; the veggie-centred, meat-free fare really gets its comforting and umami-packed flavours from fresh, unprocessed produce – something you don’t usually taste in a Big Mac, Chicken Nuggets or any ultra-processed food. The creative minds of the 21st century can also turn just about any dish from every cuisine into a vegan version – think the OG fat-ladening pepperoni pizza, cheese burgers, lasagna, cheesecake and even bacon. It’s a whole food cuisine made delicious and sustainable. 

Here’s our RadarList of some of the best plant-based places we love and can’t get enough of in Bali – because really, here’s the best place to be a vegan/vegetarian if you ask us. With the province recently reopening last month on October 14, you can now plan a delicious food itinerary in advance for your next visit to Bali. Include these venues in your list, they are great for both meat eaters, vegans and vegetarians alike.


The code for good life is all about what you put into your body. Learn all about the alchemy of good living here at Alchemy Bali. The restaurant churns out raw, vegan dishes cooked with organic ingredients and served in 100% reusable and biodegradable foodware, even for their takeaway packaging, all to promote a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle and wholesome eating. For vegan food newbies, the restaurant’s cooking school, Alchemy Academy, also offers a variety of classes where you can learn how to make everything from vegan cheese to raw desserts and detox plant-based dishes and drinks.

Moksa Ubud

For local’s favourites, saunter over to Moksa Ubud, a plant-based restaurant, a permaculture garden and a holistic learning centre situated in the heart of Sayan. The multipurpose, eco-friendly venue is an oasis of vibrant vegan/vegetarian fare crafted from pristine produce grown in the garden just adjacent to the dining area. A section of the restaurant is also dedicated for zen activities and community gathering – yoga, meditation, ikebana and aikido to name a few.


For cafe-style vegan/vegetarian fare that’s both instagrammable and nourishing, KYND COMMUNITY is the place for you. The pink-splashed cafe makes smoothie bowls, salad bowls and burgers. It also boasts an impressive selection of Peace-zza, the venue’s plant-based pizzas that come with fun-filled toppings with cool names like Santorini, Green-Peace, Mama’s Carbonara and Sweet Dreams. Don’t forget to also stop by their store on your way out after the meal to shop sustainable products and their very own cookbooks to complete your KYND experience.


Here’s another one you should visit for satisfying plant-based meals. Sage offers a wide array of international vegetarian and vegan dishes with their own unique twists, for example, Tempeh Buffalo Wings, Tortilla Moringa Soup, Jackfruit Asada, Panang Curry and Kitchari Burger. The venue also delivers Sage Fresh Farm Box packed full of organic produce from local farmers right to your doorstep if dining out and restaurant food isn’t really your cup of tea, especially during this time.

Falafel Temple

For falafel fanatics, here’s the best place to worship the glorious fried crispy-skinned, soft-inside chickpea (or fava beans) balls. Falafel Temple is, as the name suggests, all about falafel-centred dishes as well as a range of Middle Eastern vegetarian staples – think Hummus, Baba Ganoush and Shakshouka. It’s a plant-based slice of Arab land in Southeast Asia.