#RadarReview: A Symphony of Tradition And Innovation At Kappou By Chef Aeron Choo

Our dining experience at Kappou by Chef Aeron Choo unfolded as a captivating narrative of delightful contrasts. The carefully curated omakase menu not only pays homage to Japanese cuisine but also incorporates Chef Aeron’s creative spins, adding a unique touch to the omakase experience. Meanwhile, the service also seamlessly balances professionalism with genuine warmth and approachability. Every moment throughout the 13-course omakase meal became a journey filled with scrumptious surprises at every turn.

The restaurant is a masterful tribute to traditional Japanese cuisine, enriched with a captivating blend of speakeasy allure and playful creativity.

At just 29 years old, Chef Aeron has accumulated over a decade of culinary expertise, marked by impressive accomplishments and accolades each year. She stands out not only as one of Singapore’s youngest female chefs but also as the pioneering first female Japanese restaurant chef-owner in the Lion City, with Kappou making its debut at Fortune Centre when Chef Aeron was only 22.

Her culinary journey, however, commenced at the young age of 14. Chef Aeron holds the distinction of being the first Singaporean to graduate from the Japan Sushi Instructors Association in Tokyo, Japan. Throughout the past decade of her culinary adventure, she has earned numerous accolades, including securing the Top 3 position in the 10th Washoku World Challenge, emerging as the winner of the Washoku World Challenge Asian Regional Qualifying Tournament, and receiving the prestigious title of Welbilt Rising Chef of the Year (female) at the WGS 2020 Awards.

Fast forward to 2023, with Kappou’s new address at 18 Robinson, Chef Aeron continues to showcase her ever-deepening culinary prowess and innovative spirit.

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Chef Aeron and savouring her unique take on Japanese omakase. Here’s a glimpse into our fine slash fun culinary journey at Kappou.

We savoured every dish with delight, yet, like any food enthusiasts, we have our favourites. Among them is the Caviar Toastie, a splendid ensemble of rich and luscious elements—mini butter toasts, velvety egg yolk, and the exquisite black gold, caviar. Equally captivating is the Ice Block Tuna which offers a medley of flavours, achieved through various temperature cooking techniques (including the use of an ice block, hence the name). This one is purely a flavour explosion.

The table-side preparation of wagashi was truly enchanting. It was, for us foodies with a massive sweet tooth, this sort of kids-in-a-candy-shop moment. The house-made Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate served to conclude the meal also brought smiles to our faces. Another standout moment in service is when diners get to take turns being the DJ at the end of the meal. This, for us, marked a great shift in the room’s energy, setting Kappou apart in our Omakase experience.

For those with a taste for innovation and a passion for culinary adventures, Chef Aeron’s ever-evolving omakase menus, which simultaneously honour as well as challenge tradition, should be your ultimate choice.

[All images courtesy of Kappou Singapore]