#RadarReview: A Symphony of Tradition And Innovation At Kappou By Chef Aeron Choo

Our dining experience at Kappou by Chef Aeron Choo unfolded as a captivating narrative of delightful contrasts. The carefully curated omakase menu not only pays homage to Japanese cuisine but also incorporates Chef Aeron's creative spins, adding a unique touch to the omakase experience. Meanwhile, the service also seamlessly balances professionalism with genuine warmth and

These Japanese Restaurants In Singapore Offer Some Of The Best Sushi, Sashimi And Sake

If you happen to be in Singapore and wish to be wrapped in the comfort of Japanese cuisine, we’ve got you covered, with our #RadarList of Japanese restaurants worth hitting up for sushi, sashimi, sake and more. – Cover image credit: Oumi Singapore – Photo credit: Hashida Singapore Hashida Singapore 2023 marks a decade of