These Cake Shops On Our #RadarList Are Transforming The Way We Look At Cakes

Cake, ah, what a marvellous creation. Cloud-like sponges and melt-in-your-mouth frosting certainly do make for a perfect dessert. We just can’t get enough. 

Most of the time, classics like red velvet cake, victoria sponge cake, carrot cake and the dark and delicious brownie get the job done, but after years of having the same flavours over and over, they just don’t cut it anymore. Hence, every foodie with a massive sweet tooth is going crazy for the below online bakers, who offer innovative cakes, whether via ultra-creative designs, out-of-this-world flavours, or both. 

–Featured Image Credit: @dreamcaketestkitchen/Hyun Jung Jun–


If what you’re craving for is something elegant, with lots of frosting, check out the cakes crafted by Amy of @friendsofmonami.

She is bringing back Lambeth style cakes with major vintage vibes and wow-worthy spins mimicking vintage objects. Think grandma tissue box cake, flower vase cake and even box cake that actually opens up like a box. Brilliant.


@dreamcaketestkitchen by Hyun Jung Hun from Chicago is an account that we often find ourselves getting lost in thanks to her awe-inspiring cake designs. This fresh fruit dome cake alone already display her dexterity in cake making.


@gigislittlekitchen from NYC really set the cake scene on Instagram on fire with her custom made vegan and dairy-free cakes.

We love it because A) her free-spirited frosting work that always blooms in shades of rainbow and B) her cakes can be enjoyed by both carnivore and herbivores – talking about cake that ignites a sense of celebration for everyone.


Amy Yip of @yip.studio_  from Brooklyn, NYC sure knows how to make rock looks appetizing and appealing. Her custom carved rock cakes has challenged our ideas of what cake should look like.

Amy Yip’s cakes exude a sense of calm, strength as well as playfulness – very much like a painting which is also where she usually get inspired from, for the colour schemes and patterns of her cakes.


More is more with the Bangkok-based online cake shop, @werwangparty. If what you’re after is a cake that gives off big party energy, this is the shop you want to order from.

If you’re one of those people who likes munching on cake with a side of something boozy, go for their Moët & Chandon or Soju Cake. But for something cutesy and alcohol-free, opt for their colourful cake designs that look like they are out of a Disney movie scene.