#PeopleOnRadar: Hong Kong City Guide By Chinmoy Lad 

Bon vivants who like to globetrot and search for the most luxurious stays in the world might have come across the luxury portal and concierge company “The Suite Life,” which goes by @chinmoylad on Instagram. 

Founded by Chinmoy Lad, The Suite Life is an online travel genie that will make your holiday fantasy a reality. 

“I run The Suite Life, a luxury portal and concierge company, primarily dealing in helping clients on their epic trips, as well as finding the right residences for them – whether its short/long term leases or to purchase. Most know of us or first find us through the @ChinmoyLad social channels, such as Instagram (where we just post nice photo inspiration for your next trip), YouTube ( a more curated selection of some of our videos from our stays) and more.”

Through its partnerships with top-notch hotel brands in 18 countries, The Suite Life can specially curate a trip for you that will exceed your imagination. Anyhoo, we are not here today only to discuss The Suite Life. In this week’s POR series, the limelight is being shined on the travel-filled life of Chinmoy Lad and his favourite city, Hong Kong. His love for the Fragrant Harbour and its culture makes him ideal to be our Hong Kong City Guide. 

“I grew up in Hong Kong, and have lived here for most of my life. It is home to me. Ignoring the current Covid circumstances, it’s a fantastic city that has it all – a bustling cityscape at the heart of it made up of an eclectic mix of the old/traditional and the new/modern around every corner, an incredible range of food and a vibrant nightlife. And then, my favourite – on the outskirts of the city, just a stone’s throw away from its beating heart, is the peaceful serenity of all the mountains, beaches, country parks and more you could possibly ask for in a city of 7 million plus.”

We asked Chinmoy to share with us what to do and where to wine and dine in Hong Kong, so that we can add them to our #RadarList. 

Restaurants/ Cafes/ Bar

Photo credit: Rosewood Hong Kong 

“Asaya Kitchen at Rosewood Hong Kong is incredibly underrated. The other restaurants at Rosewood get all the plaudits, but I think Asaya Kitchen is not only the best restaurant at the hotel but arguably one of the best in Hong Kong. It features an elegant pescetarian Mediterranean menu that changes with the seasons and what’s available/fresh in the markets, including locally sourced produce as well. The restaurant ambience is somewhat casual, but make no mistake, this is top-quality food.”

Photo credit: The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

“Speaking of restaurants that are overshadowed by other, more popular restaurants, often in the same hotel, SOMM at Landmark Mandarin Oriental is another that should definitely get more attention.”

Photo credit: Yan Toh Heen

“For refined Cantonese cuisine, Yan Toh Heen, in the upcoming Regent, even after all these years, just beats out my other favourites. I’m glad it stayed open all this time!”

Photo credit: Buenos Aires Polo Club

“And who doesn’t love a good brunch? Buenos Aires Polo Club ticks all my boxes for variety and quality.”

Lifestyle Hubs 

Photo credit: Alison Pang via Unsplash 

“I’m not much of a shopper, but I do like seeing what’s new in the tech/camera world. If I’m in the area anyway, I’ll make it a habit to just pop by 298 Computer Zone or Wan Chai Computer centre or one of the many tech/camera/gadget shops around town just to see if there’s anything I should be getting for my next trip.
The best shopping experience in Hong Kong isn’t in the big malls, it’s in the odd buildings that feature 5 floors or more of an incredible variety of stuff – you’ll find them dotted all around the city.”

Hidden Gem

Photo credit: katie manning via Unsplash 

“I mentioned the countryside before – Hong Kong’s best gems are definitely the little beaches hidden away and are only accessible by boat or long hikes, or the many little islands, especially along the Eastern coastline.”

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