#OnTheRadar: 3 Superyachts For Superb Expedition

Photo credit: Earth 300 When it comes to sea transport, superyachts mark the top list of the rising sea vessels that have been gaining huge traction thanks to its gigantic size, luxuriously intricate designs and the larger-than-life sense it carries – hence, the name.  But apart from its size, what makes superyachts "super" also has

#OnTheRadar: These Boat Airbnbs In Europe Are Our Ultimate Vacation Goals Right Now

Photo credit: Lux Charters via Unsplash  A boat trip conjures up images of cruising through pristine waters on a breezy, peaceful day under a bright yet gentle sun.  With the “Boat” category on Airbnb, those who are into posh water vehicles can now book a private stay on luxury yachts, hip houseboats and even sailboats,