Kick Start 2023 On A Wholesome Note With Wellness Holidays At These Top Destinations

There's no denying that the ever-growing awareness of wellness in various industries is slowly changing the way we operate in our daily lives. For health-focused globetrotters, travel is a great channel for reawakening and reconnecting with mind, body and spirit.  For those who wish to kick start 2023 on a wholesome note, check out these

No Dates, No Worries. Here Are Some Of The Best Retreats For Singles

Valentine's Day is upon us and single or not single, it's a good opportunity to give yourself some big, big love that you deserve. Our list of retreats here is perfect for singles who want to take a trip alone, or with single friends. –Featured Image Credit: Bliss Sanctuary for Women– Photo credit: Las Olas

Ring In 2024 In Quiet Bliss And Reflection At These Silent Retreats

Let's face it: for city dwellers caught between constant noise and busyness, bliss often takes the form of silence. For those yearning to welcome the upcoming year in quiet reflection and delve into self-discovery, here are some silent retreats on our #RadarList that we believe should also be on yours. – Cover image credit: Masia

Wellness Retreats In Spain That Should Be On Your Radar

Photo credit: ARTAH  Sometimes we need more than a weekend to unplug and truly reconnect with our inner being. For those who long for some time off to check in with their mental and physical health, a retreat out in nature, away from your usual habitat, might be just what you're after.  Spain is home

Who Said Wellness Is Only For Grownups? Check Out These Kid-Friendly Wellness Resorts On Our Radar

Wellness is for everyone and every generation.  For families that are looking for a wellness hotel and resort that will cater to both you and your children, here are some of the very excellent kid-friendly wellness resorts on our radar that we think should definitely be on yours. – Cover image credit: Zulal Wellness Resort

Wine Bath And Snake Massage? These Are 6 Unique Spa Concepts You Should Try Out This Year

Trends come and go in the spa sector. However, there are certain trends we think you should not let fall off your radar because of their uniquely bizarre slash beneficial (?) qualities. So for avid spa-goers, check out these unique spa concepts to take your spa experience up a notch for 2023. –Featured Image Credit:

Women In Wellness: Bangkok Sheroes We Would Love You To Meet

It's March 8 and you know what that means. International Women's Day! Here's a day when female social, economic, cultural and political achievements are celebrated and gender equality awareness is raised to push towards a more equal and inclusive world.  To commemorate such a special occasion, here's our list of Bangkok-based ladies in wellness, who

Women In Wellness: Hong Kong Sheroes We Would Love You To Meet

We always get inspired by all the girl bosses out there who embrace their womanhood and fearlessly take full ownership of their right to pursue social, economic, cultural and political achievements.  Here’s our list of Hong Kong-based ladies in the wellness industry, who have motivated us with their health-centred careers and products daily.  Beth Wright